Thursday, November 06, 2008

Well what would your answer have been?

I consider myself very lucky to be happily married to a wonderful man - okay he drives me crazy sometimes but on the whole he's worth keeping.
But I ask you.............

What are men like?

The past two or three weeks I have been dashing around even more than normal - hence my blog silence.

I've had the half term week off work but also had my elderly parents to stay for two weeks

It was lovely to see them but they are quite high maintenance in the attention stakes

This is absolutely fine, it's been wonderful to have them stay.


I had also committed myself to taking a table at the local Craft Sale this coming Saturday and so in my usual 11th hour fashion I've also been manically trying to create stock.

The sale is Saturday
Yes the day after tomorrow

My dearly beloved husband will be needed for at least the start and end of the day to help with tables, put posters in the vicinity, look after our children etc etc etc and to be frank may well be roped in for even more of the day
He has willingly agreed to do this and I'm very grateful


This afternoon I received a text, and I quote:

"Nigel do you want two tickets for England v Pacific Islands Saturday Twickers. Can I go?"

Now without turning the air blue what do you suppose my response was?

Sometimes they push you just a little bit too far!


Sew Create It - Jane said...

Welcome back! I figured you were busy...but not that busy...good grief you are going to need a serious holiday after this weekend!
Hope the air has returned to normal by dull life would be without them! ;o)

Clare said...

I hope you aren't too exhausted and that life in the Bebbington household is returning to Bebbs normality (meaning not a lot!!!).

Sometimes it is actually better to get on and do stuff like that on your own. Men just don't get it and you end up doing it yourself anyway!

McIrish Annie said...

they have very short memories, especially when it involves having to do things! Best of luck with your Craft Sale!! I know everyone will love your things.

Karol-Ann said...

He'll be gutted if you make him miss that game LOL.
Sounds like mine. Can't retain anything more than half an hour in advance!!!
I will expect blog postings to resume after Saturday! Best of luck, I'll be thinking of you.

Libby said...

*men* He'll be a happy fella, you'll be tired from the extra work. When you have a good hubby, what else can you do?

Cascade Lily said...

Maybe he can set up the stall for you before he goes? Up before the sparrows? Enjoy the market...if you don't fall asleep under your trestles that is...!!

Jeanne said...

Hehe, husbands are all alike I'm afraid.
Glad you're OK and just busy.

trashalou said...

Oh dear. And the outcome was?

Am blog-hopping my way through Chookyblue's SSCS list to see who else is playing along.

loulee1 said...

You know Hunney would have forgotten that I had him booked for Saturday.

Can you rope the kids into helping you? And let him go play?

meggie said...

I know just how you felt!

True Blue Nana said...

So funny! they are all alike.