Monday, December 29, 2008

Thoughts for today.............

I've just read Jeanne's version of this and thought I'd share mine

I'm feeling ... relieved that my parents’ move to Taunton is underway

I'm seeing ... a cold grey bitter winter day and wishing it was brilliant sunshine like yesterday.

I'm thinking ... how nice it will be to have my parents near enough for me to drop in for five or ten minutes instead of planning a military style operation to visit them

I'm appreciating ... a wonderful husband who spent this last weekend with his son travelling up to my parents, doing a pile of preliminary packing and bringing it back down in anticipation of their move south.

I'm cooking ... a very simple evening meal of oven baked chicken breasts, potato chunkies and oven roast carrots and parsnips along with beautiful bright green frozen peas - simple fare after all that rich and complex Christmas food.

I'm planning ... to spend the next few weeks wielding a paintbrush to prepare my parents’ flat for their arrival and also to try and blog a little more regularly in the New Year as I've missed it recently

I'm reading ... ‘The Tall Pine Polka’ by Lorna Landvik about 1950s Minnesota - I borrowed it on a whim from our local library along with her other two books, ‘Angry Housewives Eating Bon-Bons’ and ‘Oh My Stars’. I’m so glad I picked them off the shelf

I'm wearing ... easy to wear black trackies and a burgundy micro-fleece top - cosy and comfortablefor relaxing around the house

I'm creating ... a yellow and blue Birthday block for Terri - a hand appliquéd circlet of hearts and flowers

I'm hearing ... ‘The Railway Children’ on the tv in the other room - I keep catching snippets of it as I chip away at the ironing pile

I'm enjoying ... the knowledge that I don’t have to return to work for another week yet.

I'm sharing ... a picture of warmer times here in freezing cold Somerset - roll on Summer :o)

Much of this post is taken up with my thoughts on my parents' move so you can tell it is featuring prominently in our lives at present. We anticipate that we will be able to move them down during February Half Term (w/c 16th) so there is a lot to do before then. The New Year will be busy but productive I feel.


Ali Honey said...

I enjoyed the glimpse into your day!

Yours will be a busy 2009. But you will feel easier with your folk closer in case of emergencies or as you say, to just pop in.

I do hope your weather improves as my younger son that lives in London is staying down your way with 7 other friends ( 4 couples ) in a converted stone barn ( looks really nice on it's website )at Cos? not far from Exeter on the North Dartmoor Forest. (I told him about some of the places you visited on your Summer holiday but it may be a bit far away.)

Ali Honey said...

Oops no the place was called Bow not Cos. (LOL)

Julie said...

It is good that your parents will be closer. I am lucky that my mom lives just around the corner.

Emily said...

What a lovely day!

Happy New Year 2009 ahead!

Sew Create It - Jane said...

Glad things are coming together for your parents move...Happy 2009!

YankeeQuilter said...

You are going to have a busy start of the year! Hope all goes seem to have the right mindset for it! Sending some sunshine from Georgia....

Libby said...

How wonderful to happily anticipate having your folks nearby.
Happy New Year to you and your family - all the best in '09.

Jeanne said...

Nicely done -- just a snapshot of an ordinary day! I like using this framework for blogging sometimes ... it makes it easier to focus.

I'm sending a big {{hug}}to you regarding your parents' move. It will be very unsettled for everyone for a while, but when they get settled you'll all be better off.

Jeanne :)

sewkalico said...

Does this mean that when your parents are nearer to you, you won't have need to visit us in Yorkshire???!!!!

I do hope not!, as we'd love to see you all again (esp. once the house is done!)

Happy 2009 to you and all of yours!!

Clare said...

You've certainly got your work cut out for the foreseeable future. I hope you're going to get some R&R before you go back to school and the juggling starts again.

Happy 2009.

Tanya said...

I'm glad that things are going well for your parents and their move. It is hard to get everything prepared for them but it must be difficult for them to make the adjustment too. But the bonuses of being near you must be a real energy booster!