Thursday, October 08, 2009

All is well

Time has been whizzing along and passed me by in a total haze

I can't believe I've not posted for over three weeks

Nick is doing well, not letting his diabetes get in the way of his life too much and we're all coping with his diagnosis in our own ways but coping well

Work is as busy as ever and getting ever more complex - how much more can my brain take I wonder!

And virtually no stitching is happening - my hands are extremely sore and my mind is elsewhere

In support of our dear friend Sue who lives firstly just up the road from us and secondly with her battle with breast cancer I'm posting a few completely random pink items this Thursday for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I may not remember next Thursday so you're getting a few to be going on with.

A happy picture of Louise playing the fool with an improvised pink hat - what a clown!
A smiley picture of me on Sark in a pink shirt - don't look too closely at the laughter lines

Pretty in pink - Hagley Hybrid - a favourite among my beloved clematis in the garden
And finally the two pink cot quilts I made for the births of Nigel's nieces a few years ago - both photos are taken at the old house - now that is a while ago!


marigold jam said...

Glad all is well with you even if a bit busy! Sorry you are not getting much stitching done as I know you enjoy that. I all but gave up on patchwork altogether last lesson!

I too have posted a pink picture today.


Libby said...

Good that things are starting to feel more routine - if a little too hectic with work.
Thanks for sharing the pink *s*

Andrea said...

Been thinking about you all and wondering how things are. Nice to hear things are settling down and hoping you'll be back to your sewing soon xx

julieQ said...

What laughter lines? I am glad your dear son is doing well. Busy! Me too!

sewkalico said...

Nice to hear all is well. We do miss you when you don't blog! Hope your hands feel better soon!!!!

Cascade Lily said...

Glad to hear things are going well. Sorry about your sore hands. Good on you posting pink for breast cancer awareness!

Meggie said...

Pink keeps everyone aware of the Breast Cancer issues. I like seeing so many males wearing pink ties & pink shirts to honour the cause.

Suzie Sews said...

pleased things are getting a little easier. Love the picture of you so good to put a face to someone