Monday, September 13, 2010

Oh my - where did three months go?

Well haven't I been a tardy blogger
The summer has flown by
We managed a couple of weeks away at the end of July in Kent - the kids and Nigel didn't always see eye to eye so it wasn't the most restful fortnight but we managed a break which is more than some people have this year in the financial constraints that are affecting lots of people
Sarah did well in her A levels with an A* and two Bs - this means we drive her across the country in less than two weeks time to start the course of her choice: Physiotherapy at the University of Hertfordshire. She worked extremely hard for these results and we are incredibly proud of her although I shall no doubt feel like I've lost my right arm when she goes
Nick gained an A* in his second maths module to join the one he earned earlier in the year and has now moved to the new Academy to start work on the rest of his GCSEs for the next two years
Louise still has another year until she starts her GCSE subjects so this term is a time for choices - which subjects should she select - I'm sure Art and possibly Music will feature high on the list
As for me I've managed some stitching amongst the large pile of books I've read
These were a couple of little wallhangings I made for Julie at Joe Tulips in exchange for some neutral fabrics
Finally in preparation for Sarah's departure I'm currently quilting her Uni quilt - a bullseye design in various blues - pictures to follow on completion
Hope you're all managing to get a little time to enjoy some stitching too :o)


Plum Cox said...

Welcome back!
Didn't your children do well? Congrats to them....
Lovely wall hangings too.

Ali Honey said...

Missed you! My your family is growing up and moving on. It sounds like they are all achieving at a high standard. Having a physio in the family will certainly be an asset.
The wee hearts wall hangings are cute. They look vey tiny - could they be placemats as well?

Quilts And Pieces said...

Oh the summer went by WAY TOO fast!

loulee said...

Hello stranger. It's good to see that you are keeping busy. Best wishes to the children on their new ventures.

gill said...

Welcome back Anne!!
We've missed you - congratulations on all your children's results - you must be very proud


orchidlover said...

welcome back.
I'm glad you had a good summer and that he kids did well in their exams.

Love and hugs Gina xxxx

Libby said...

Oh - you've been missed. Glad you found a minute to bring us up to date . . . such a busy time getting the kiddos off on their various adventures and studies *S*

Nines said...

Good to see you out and about again! The little quilts are so sweet! Great job.

Andrea said...

Hi stranger - though my own blogging has been a bit sporadic lately too. Nice to catch up with your news. Good luck to the gang. And what is it with husbands and teenagers ? Had a few similar issues here over the years - don't think men know when to cut kids a bit of slack xxx

Mad about Craft said...

Good to catch up with you again.

Good luck to Sarah!

Linda said...

Hi Anne, so happy to see you back! Love reading about your life, kids, and quilting!
Lurking Linda

Sew Create It - Jane said...

Wow- one off to uni! That will be me in a couple of years. DD1 did well on her GCSE's too and has just started 6th form. Probably the biggest struggle has been adapting from uniforms to normal clothes. I've never seen a girl have such a dilemma about what to wear!!