Sunday, October 09, 2011

Now I know my A B C...............

............... won't you come and play with me?

with the words of the childhood song echoing round my head having seen this around on a blog or two so thought I'd share

A Age: 51 years young - can't quite get my head around being over 50 - all of the tv adverts that show insurance products and holidays for the over 50s can't possibly mean me

B Bed Size: Super King Size - we have a 6ft bed made up of two single beds 'zip and linked' together - a bit of a mare to get bedding for but lots of room for us and the kids to pile in on a weekend morning - well we did when they were little anyway

C Chores you hate: Anything that takes me away from quilting time really

D Dogs: None since my parents had them when I was a child much to the disgust of the kids

E Essential start to your day: A cup of weak black tea made by my lovely man and cooled to perfection on the kitchen side ready for me when I come downstairs - what a hero!

F Favourite Colour: That stunning peacock blue/teal green rich jewel shade - sets off my auburn hair a treat

G Gold or Silver: No preference I like them both and will happily accept either

H Height: 5 ft 3.5ins and with the way my youngest is shooting up at the moment it won't be long before I have the dubious honour of being the shrimp of the house

I Interests: Patchwork and Quilting, Travel (particularly to new places) - any way to combine the two is even nicer

J Job Title: Finance Officer for a local primary school - the hours and (unpaid) holidays fit in well with the kids - once the two youngest head off to university in a few short years I will probably have to go back to something full time just for us to be able to afford to keep them there - sighhhhhhhh

K Kids: Three beautiful, wonderful kids that I am so lucky to be able to have given birth to - Sarah 19, a rugby playing trainee physiotherapist at uni near London, Nick almost 16, a football crazy mathematician who is Head Boy of his school and Louise 14, my arty, eloquent, violin toting blonde bombshell who is almost as tall as me

L Live: in Taunton, Somerset in the sunny south west of England, a very long way from the beloved Yorkshire Dales of my youth - but home is with your family and it's a beautiful part of the world down here

M Mother's Name: Monica and I love her to bits - having her and Dad living close by is a pleasure and a privilege

N Nickname: With my red hair it was always something associated with that when I was younger - now I tend to get Mrs B or Mrs Bebbs

O Overnight Hospital Stays: A few too many, cartilage in left knee, wisdom teeth, appendix, sterilisation, sterilisation reversal, three caesarean sections (the last with a second sterilisation), pancreatitis fortunately cured by a gall bladder removal, and finally a night in with my youngest when she managed to swallow a magnet!!! - thank heavens for the NHS, warts and all

P Pet Peeves: Slyness particularly in children - can't you tell I work in a school

Q Quotes from Films: I can't think of a single one - I obviously either don't pay attention or I have a shocking memory - probably both

R Right or Left Handed: Most definitely right - I'm totally useless with my left

S Siblings: As the eldest of three I have a sister 3.5 years younger and a brother 9 years my junior

T Time You Wake Up: Whenever the alarm wakes me or if left to sleep probably about 8.30am

U Underwear: Yes of course!

V Vegetables You Hate: Peppers (Capsicums) - in any shape or form, cooked or raw, even the smell makes me heave

W What Makes You Run Late: Usually the kids

X X-rays You've Had: Copious quantities - see 'O' and draw your own conclusions

Y Yummy Food That You Make: I do a mean Cinnamon and Whisky Cake and can turn my hand to most other fare, hence my generous waistline

Z Zoo Animals: Conservation purposes only please

So there you have it - an alphabetical snapshot of me - quilting content will be resumed shortly


Sew Create It - Jane said...

Oh you sounds like a girl after my own heart...but I knew that already ;o)

We are the same height and we don't have dogs (allergies) and I can't bear peppers either!

Libby said...

What fun! We are the same age (though I continue to act juvenile to counteract the number) And a daily joy is my coffee freshly brewed with a smile by Hubby. Love it *s*

Plum Cox said...

What a great A-Z! but no peppers? That must be tough!
I don't like chores either.....

Meggie said...

Enjoyed your ABC! I do however, love Capsicum!