Sunday, November 24, 2013

Some stitching to show .........................

........................ and a very proud mummy moment
I've been rather busy on the sewing front
For now, I'm giving you sneak previews rather than the whole picture as these are presents and haven't been given to the recipients yet
A baby quilt for some friends and their little boy - didn't know the flavour when I designed it, hence the neutral colours
A baby quilt for a colleagues little boy who is due in January - based the design and colour choices on the lovely boat design fabric I picked up in Holland on holiday in the summer
And a Christmas present for my niece - who is most definitely a PINK girl - this was to be a birthday present for her in June but events got in the way - better late than never.  Construction on a dinosaur based version for her brother is currently in progress
Last but not least - after passing her Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Physiotherapy with a First in the summer finally Sarah's graduation came round.  On a day when the weather threw absolutely everything at us, at least the sun came out as we prepared to go into St Albans Abbey for the ceremony

Very, very proud Mummy and Daddy moment


Ali Honey said...

Congratulations! Be very proud of your lovely daughter. I hope you don't require her services too often!

Plum Cox said...

Lovely photos of the graduation! Nice to have something so lovely to be proud of.
You should be v proud of all your stitching too - what a prolific quilter you are! Nice to see those fab triangles making another appearance. I've got a baby flimsy from mine to finish at some point, having finished and given the first one inspired by your work!

Tanya said...

Congratulations to your lovely daughter! Big difference from the rugby uniform I've seen her in!