Thursday, May 15, 2014


............ the hand got better really quickly

I took my daughter's professional advice, rested it and sure enough after a couple of days it was good as new

Since then I've been sewing up a storm - lots of baby quilts all finished and done

This is the first to go to it's new home for a Slimming World friend's new baby grandson

Love the cat fabric in the centre of the sawtooth stars

A new project for a commission well under way - does anyone else have an old favourite design they revert back to time and time again - Jewel Box does it every time for me - I never tire of that 3D faceted effect where the 4 triangles meet - lovely in subtle greys and white - very in at the moment - hope it doesn't date too much - need to make 16 of these units for the centre of a SuperKing sized bed quilt - then am thinking of an appliqued floral border and then she want's a drift of electric blue butterflies floating across the quilt - that'll keep me busy for a while but she's in no real hurry for the finished article

And a quick diversion courtesy of a little distraction from Kate - never really had much of a thing for log cabin blocks but I really enjoyed making these black and white ones with bright batik centres - this will probably have a mix of a thin bright border and then a checked black and white outer border eventually

Busy busy busy...................

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