Friday, March 02, 2007

Oh my - over a week's gone by

Well back to school this week :o(
This particular five week half term is the shortest in the school calendar this year but for me it will be the most hectic. Preparing the budget for next year (the first time I've done this) and prior to that ensuring everything is smack bang up to date before the Area Finance Officer comes in for the aforementioned budget will keep me on my toes, ready for bed and probably on my way to the local asylum for the next four weeks. However today was the very first day, since I started the job last September, that I actually achieved all the tasks I'd identified on my mental to-do list and then did one little one more - so I must be making progress. AT LAST!!!!!
Lois asked to see all my applique blocks so far in a picture together - so here you go.
The background on the long thin block next to the star looks whiter than its neighbours but only because it has three layers of fabric folded over as I haven't cut it to size yet.
As you can imagine I have a long way to go and I think I shall use the title 'Soft and Faded' as a work in progress name for now. I aim to make lots of sashing and block border edgings in geese, HSTs, pinwheels etc so it has a real random feel about it.
For my next block I spied a lovely ''trumpet stars' applique design on Jane's blog - I think I'll pinch it for the next bit of the quilt - oddly enough the colours are similar but that's merely a coincidence.
I have been busy on another little project over this past few days. Quite a few of you have been stitching lovely 'bluework' snowmen calendar blocks - sorry too tired tonight to look through old postings and put a link on here now. I thought I'd like to have a go at this technique but scoured the internet for something a little different and came up with some sewing notions instead.
I also liked the teapots on this European blog and particularly liked the postage stamp sashings - I have loads of blue fabric so may well make a wall hanging for my stitching area in this kind of design. The linen she's used for the redwork designs is gorgeous. I know I have some old linen tableware I rescued from my MIL when she cleared out her own mother's things and was going to ditch in the bin but I have to locate them (suspect they're in an awkward access box at the back of the cupboard under the eaves in our bedroom - a Nigel job then that one). Maybe I'll persuade him to locate them for me this weekend.
I really enjoyed squirrelling away on this bluework embroidery so I may well do some more as it's easy to pick up and put down again in front of the tv in the evenings
We are getting very close to completion on the conservatory - at long last - we have had a heated discussion over paying the last 4% of the purchase price which we feel is a fair discount to cover all the grief and aggravation because of their delays. However they have set a debt collection agency onto us and won't budge an inch on the money front. Until we pay the lot they won't send us the 10year guarantee either so our hands are tied. Both Nigel and I have a whiter than white credit rating and it's too precious to jeopardise for a principle. As much as it sticks in our throat to make that final payment we will do it and learn from the experience. We don't have any plans (or room for that matter) for further building work but should we enter into anything like it in the future a penalty clause for delayed completion would be a definite possibility.
Nigel will put down the carpet tiles we've bought this weekend which only leaves the skirting board to complete the job. We've picked a lovely mid aqua/teal colour for the floor that echoes the colour scheme in the adjoining dining room. My brother has been storing a terracotta bed-settee for us which we bought to use at my parent's old house and reclaimed when theymoved house, so that will make a lovely contrast to the floor. I'll take some photos once he's finished playing carpet fitter. It really is starting to feel like a proper room now.
Right I'm off to bed - or should I say back to bed as I fell asleep for two and a half hours earlier this evening due to sheer exhaustion from work. Have a good weekend one and all :o)


Libby said...

Argh - what frustration from the contractor company. They often don't realize there is also good will involved. Last year we paid a contractor to repair a pocket door. Next the carpeting company laid carpet in such a way as to block the door, rendering it useless. They refused to correct their mistake and required payment in full for their shoddy job. The work was on a home that is on the rental market and managed by a property manager for us. The flooring people have now lost ALL business from the property managers. It doesn't pay to be stubborn sometimes.

Jane Weston said...

Your appliqué blocks are looking really nice. I've got everything ready to start the Trumpet Stars...just not the energy (got a miserable cold!) Thanks for visiting my blog and for your comments...glad to know at least one person is reading my ramblings :)

YankeeQuilter said...

Is there a consumer organizatin in the UK you can complain to? In the states I had a huge issue with a window company (it was so bad my house was broken into because the window was put in so badly.) Like you they threatened my credit rating if I didn't pay so I paid by then sent letters to several consumer organizations outlining what happened. In the end they gave me a refund larger than what I would have held back!

I really like the blue embroidery work!

meggie said...

Like the yankee quilter story!
We have had hassles with companies- in the end we gave up. Sometimes I feel the angst you have is worse than the original problem.
Love your soft colours quilt.
You sure do lead a hectic life!

Anne Wigfull said...

The conservatory company are behaving outrageously, can't you pay up (to stop that black mark against your credit rating) and then contact the appropriate ombudsman? Better still, threaten them with Watchdog!!

Lily said...

Oh Anne it's so frustrating isn't it? My dad is a tradesman and he's very fastidious and always does a top job, so I have very high standards too!

Totally know where you're coming from on the work front too. Lovely work in the pastels - I hope you find the applique and stitchery a great stress reliever.

Holly said...

Your applique blocks are beautiful. I love what you are doing between them. I forgot I had them but your posted reminded me of some sewing notion embroidery have buried somewhere. I should dig them out and work them up.