Monday, August 27, 2007

A little more progress

We're in the middle of our final Bank Holiday weekend before Christmas - boy does this make it seem like a really long haul up to the festive season. I do envy you American ladies your Thanksgiving holiday break.
Down here in the South West the weather is absolutely steaming (well for England anyway) and to be honest I've been feeling not altogether 100%, probably because I'm so tired after the past week taxi driving and hosting various sleepover visitors - I actually went back to bed twice yesterday and slept both times. So we've plumped for a home based lazy weekend. The traffic gets so bad as all the lemmings head for the coast that it's best to stay off the roads.
Just the opportunity to get a bit of stitching in.
These brown things on my Autumn quilt do bear a striking resemblance to paint blots but in the fullness of time they will be oak leaves - I plan to machine trapunto them. They would look a whole lot better even at this stage if I introduced them to an iron actually. :o)
I had a little play the other day with the lovely fabrics that Juliann sent me
and Hey Presto! a wonder wallet
and the view with it open.
Having spent the last week using it with no fastener and having to retrieve the contents from the bottom of my handbag every now and then, I was relieved when Nigel found some velcro out in the garage so I could finish it off and enjoy it to its full potential.


Andrea said...

We're staying put this weekend too Anne. BH traffic is not my idea of fun ! Can't wait to see your little quilt finished - looking good. Your little purse is cute - you could make one to match every outfit - lol !

Kieny said...

I love your purse and such pretty fabrics. Enjoy your holiday!

Fiona said...

We've stayed at home too apart from a trip to Stanford Hall this afternoon - think my get up and go has got up and left this year! The little purse (wallet) looks cute.

gwen said...

Your 4SSQ is taking shape nicely. I think the hour glass border looks great. Can´t wait to see more of it.
Your purse is just a cuttie! Take care.

Janice said...

Yes, the border nicely complements the centre stitchery. And the colours are pretty too. I'm enjoying watching it grow!

Libby said...

Enjoy your holiday - our final holiday weekend of the summer is this week . . . we never venture far from home. Too many out there on the roads for my liking.
Your swap piece is wonderful and the little wallet, too. You've been pretty busy these last few days *s*

meggie said...

Those oak leaves look good to me.
Love the wallet, lovely fabrics.

Karol-Ann said...

I hope you feel better soon - perhaps a case of the bank holiday blues? I car booted today, do not ask why! I hope not to repeat the experience.

Love the wallet, you really are so very clever! And I'll be staying tuned to see those paint splots magic themselves into oak leaves LOL

Juliann in WA said...

Love your little wallet. Those fabrics are really fun. I even bought a few to make a little bag for my daughter.

Karen said...

Real lemmings or are you referring to vactioners? (I'm a little dim sometimes :-) )

Karen said...

I also don't spell very well.