Saturday, August 18, 2007

Lots of goodies

I did promise to show you all the goodies that were waiting for me when we returned from our camping trip
As you can imagine from yesterday's 'Epistle to the Corinthians' I got so caught up with talking about my past week that my goodies were temporarily forgotten - however I shall now rectify the situation
Juliann was over here on holiday before we headed off to Devon - we managed to have a short chat on the phone but sadly were unable to fit in a meeting face to face. However, bless her, she carried some beautiful fabric for me all the way over from the States and all the way back again only to end up posting it to me once she'd got home
Here we are - some lovely Amy Butler fat quarters - very unusual and I love 'em - and some sweet little quilt labels to complete the parcel - thank you so much Juliann, they are very well travelled but much appreciated :o)
Before I went away I finally admitted that my purse (wallet not handbag) is starting to bite the dust. It's a little black leather number not that much bigger than a credit card but with front and back zipped pockets for cards and notes respectively and a central zipped pocket between them for coins. Sadly the zips are only nylon ones and spring open without assistance at the least convenient times usually meaning I end up with a handbag full of loose coinage. The thing I love about it the most is its modest size and I've been searching fruitlessly for a similar replacement for some time.
However on browsing the net I came across this pattern for a sweet little wallet which might just fit the bill. The pattern came while we were away. Who knows I might just use the lovely fabrics from Juliann to run one up. I'm not a lover of making up patterns, too much of a maverick, but I'll maybe make an exception on this one.
Speaking of patterns I admired a 'Twisted Sister' quilt that Andrea made and she very kindly passed on the pattern along with an issue of an Australian quilting magazine that she'd finished with - I love the Aussie mags - they just seem to have slightly different things from the usual fare in the UK and US publications
And finally Donna from Chooky Blue sent me another different Aussie magazine - what an unexpected treat
This morning I had a parcel from Karol-Ann up in God's County (Yorkshire!) with some lovely South African fabric and a beautiful butterfly key ring sent in exchange for a little bit of handmade nonsense I sent to her. I haven't got round to taking a photo today - I'll treat you to that tomorrow.
On a sadder note I've been listening into the England rugby match on BBC Radio 5Live just being played over in Marseille whilst I've been writing this. Oh dear me, not a pretty sound. I'm a passionately loyal England fan but looking at the situation realistically I can't imagine those All Blacks will have too much to fear from us in the world cup even supposing we make it through the knock-out rounds. Our boys will have to really step up several gears if they hope to match the Ladies' performance as Runners Up to New Zealand in the Ladies World Cup earlier this year in Canada.
Come On Lads - get a wiggle on!!!


meggie said...

I have just enjoyed catching up on your last two posts! So much to enjoy, & so many lovely fabrics.
Lovely pics!

Juliann in WA said...

That little wallet is very cute. I am making a similar one with a place for an oyster pass that my daughter will take when she travels back to London in a few months.

Karol-Ann said...

Thank you once again for my little bit of 'nonsense' - I like it a lot!

Tanya said...

Glad you're back and having fun with all your presents. Looking forward to seeing what wonderful things your will be making this fall!

Sweet P said...

You did get a lot of goodies in the mail. I have a Wonder Wallet made by someone else. I've been trying to figure out how to make it, but I think I'm going to buy the pattern.

Lily said...

Anne that fabric is very nice indeed. I've seen a couple of those Lazy Girl patterns around, but have so far have resisted the temptation. They always remind me of Tonya!

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

Lots of lovely fabric there, I think I have the purse made from that pattern, it look very similar to one Atet sent me from America, Tracey

Libby said...

That's a lovely batch of packages you've got there. I love the idea of a wallet from the new fabrics . . . a new way for them to travel even more *s*

Dawn said...

What wonderful surprises. And that wallet looks fun - I might have to make one of those sometime!

Hedgehog said...

What treasures waiting for you upon your return! Love those fabrics. The wallet is a cute idea, too.

Suze said...

I saw your wonder wallet and just read this post about purchasing the pattern. I made 80 of those darlings one Christmas for my quilt guild. They from a Secret Santa so no one knows who made them. Now several family members have admired nine and asked for one. I suppose making more is in my future.