Friday, June 20, 2008

And back to stitching

Back to normality - well for a week or two anyway - that is until my parents' golden wedding weekend in two weeks time.
Louise has been in the Isle of Wight on a school residential trip all week. Amazing how much difference it makes to the chemistry of relationships in our house when we're missing one. To be fair it makes not a bit of difference which person is out - the house runs more smoothly with four than five - less arguments, less bickering! Not that I'd wish anyone to be away permanently but it is an interesting observation - I wonder if it makes that much difference when I'm not there.
Anyway peace will be shattered again tonight as she is home around 7pm - I have missed her really!
Sarah has also taken her last GCSE exam this morning - physics - a subject she wasn't looking forward to at all. However she said it wasn't too bad at all - easier than the chemistry on Wednesday which is a little worrying as she's selected chemistry over physics for one of her A level choices. Now we just have to wait for results day on 21st August - she's done all she can, now it's in the lap of the Gods, or should I say examiners!
We've had some lovely clear evenings lately - just the weather for hot air ballooning and we've spotted several from the garden slowly drifting over Taunton Deane - it's something I'd love to have a go at - maybe one to put on the list for my 50th in two years time.

The garden is coming on a treat - the area we removed the cherry tree from has welcomed its new residents with open arms and so far, touch wood, everything we've planted seems very happy in the new home.
This clematis has flowered for the very first time - it was a cheap and cheerful one from a local supermarket - they're usually much younger and take longer to get established. Although I knew, when I planted it a couple of years ago, that it was one of the smaller flowering varieties I couldn't for the life of me remember the colour from the long since mislaid label. The deep purple was a very pleasant surprise and as it's awash with buds there's a lot more to come.
This was a good bargain buy the other day from the local WI market - £9 for the entire planter - you could barely buy the pot and the compost for that!
As for stitching, I've been working on my Summer quilt for the Four Seasons Round Robin - versions one and two!
My swap partner is fond of red and I thought that red roses would be fairly apt.
I merrily stitched the outlines of a spray of roses complete with leaves
I then coloured them with wax crayons and stood back to think what to do next
Nope! they just didn't hit that button - back to the drawing board
So here it is...............
the centre of my Summer quilt MkII
I spotted an applique design on Knot Garden's blog and worked out a simplified version
I've since added the outer border and it's almost ready for sandwiching - I hope my swap partner likes it.
I've also completed all the piecing and binding on the japanese folded patchwork piece from the workshop
A front view - in hindsight I do wish I'd used a deep navy blue instead for the areas with the pale aqua fabric ...........
and the back view. Now to play around with some beads and sequins to turn it into a winter wallhanging.
Finally my Spring Fling Round Robin quilt arrived - thank you Laila and the three other stitchers who worked on it before her - it is truly beautiful!


Karol-Ann said...

Love, love, love your applique centre! (and that's a gorgeous clematis too!)

Stacy said...

Anne, the garden looks fantastic. So quaint and lovely. Good call on the summer quilt. That applique square looks great and is very summery. I really like the roses as well, but maybe for a different project. What about some sort of linen? Like the center of a table topper for tea time?
Tell Sarah good luck! I am sure she did great. Hope the weather holds up. Make sure you photo any more blooms from your garden, I love seeing them. Have a great weekend! Love Stacy

YankeeQuilter said...

I can't believe you just used crayons...we are using them next Wednesday for a quick fun project!

Love the new center.

Cascade Lily said...

Anne your garden looks just lovely...especially with the hot air balloon drifting over!

How funny - my FSQS partner likes red too!

Clare said...

Definitely the second choice. I love your applique.

You'd love hot air ballooining. The peace and quiet up there is unbelievable.

The best plants are bargain plants.

loulee1 said...

Love those litle swap quilts. And your stitchery is beautiful too.

The garden is looking good. Did himself reach China from the front yet?

Quilts And Pieces said...

Oh Sarah has to be so happy to be done. I know I would be. Love your applique, sounds like your as busy as me these days!

Jeanne said...

I DID take a hot air balloon ride for my 50th. It was wonderful -- quiet and drifty, not scarily high, just a very special time!

meggie said...

More WOW to enjoy with your garden, & your sewing. I can't imagine anyone not just loving your sewing!

Angelcat said...

That applique pattern you have used for your summer quilt is so pretty, I'm sure your swap partner will love it!