Monday, July 28, 2008

Just starting to chill

Having been off work since last Wednesday teatime I'm finally starting to unwind.
Not that life is quiet here - with three teenagers (well almost as Nick won't be 13 until November and Lou is still 11 but is currently acting like a total Kevin!) there's always lots to do.
When they were little they needed supervision - for example Nick and Lou at the ages of 30 months and 16 months respectively managed to get hold of a bottle of typists correction fluid and within minutes, when I was in the kitchen making tea, had painted each other, several toys and, worst of all, my beautiful leather sofa! Thankfully Nigel was a real hero - he rushed home from work and somehow managed to get it all off with thinners I think
Nowadays they need much less supervision but lots of ferrying around - Nick has just done three days of a five day cricket school at the Somerset County ground in town and needs taking there and back each day - the girls have haircuts booked for this afternoon - it's general catch up time for things like dental appointments etc and we go away on Sunday for almost two weeks so I really should get rid of that ironing pile too.
I guess it won't be that long until they're all driving themselves and I'll spend my time worrying and waiting for them to get home safe instead - nobody tells you about all this at ante-natal classes.
This Saturday we had a gathering of Nick's football team and all the boys' families. The parents of one of the boys had arranged a pig roast in their field - they live in a wonderful house on the Somerset levels with lots of garden.
I offered to take a pasta salad and a pudding
I'll spare you the picture of the pasta salad - no matter how delicious it might have been there's little visual stimulation from a bowl of pasta and accompaniments liberally lathered in a mayo and yoghurt combination - always looks ever so slightly regurgitated to me as much as I love it
However I thought I'd share this incredibly easy dessert
All you need is some whipped cream, some sherry and some Ginger Nuts - for those not familiar with these they are very hard and crunchy ginger biscuits
The method is simplicity itself
Crush one biscuit and put aside for later
Spread a layer of cream in the bottom of the dish
Dip one of the biscuits in the sherry on both sides and stand it up in the cream at one end of the dish
Follow with as many other dipped biscuits as you need sandwiching each of them with the whipped cream as you go along
Once you've filled your dish spread more cream liberally all over the top and down the sides
Finally sprinkle the top with that crushed biscuit you saved at the start - as one who has often come to the end and used all the biscuits up I now make sure I crush my initial biscuit before I start :o)
Try to make this a few hours in advance as the biscuits soften and the flavours combine well over a little time
A very simple and delicious pudding which met with lots of oohs and aahs on consumption and great incredulity on subsequently being informed just how easy it was to make!
Yesterday I did manage to get some sewing in.
I spent a good part of the afternoon making a oval shaped cover for the central locker on Nigel's double canoe - the fabric is waterproof and slightly stretchy which initially seemed like it would be a total pig to sew but once I changed to the walking foot it made short work of the job - I didn't get a photo but I still have another to make as he has two of these canoes so once I've done that I'll share it with you
And then onto nicer stitching...
I cut the binding for the summer quilt
Machined it all round the edge
And finally hand stitched it down to give the finished result
A quick label this morning and it'll be in the post later today!


Anonymous said...

This is an awesome quilt, stunning, love everything about it!!

Sandy said...

Hi Anne, what would you suggest to replace the sherry if you made it non-alcoholic?

hope to meet you sometime at some event! I expect if you are going on hols, you won't get to the Festival of Quilts?

thanks, Sandy in Bracknell, Berks

anne bebbington said...

Sandy - if you look in again I hope you get this reply - your email was set to no-reply and I can't get through to your blog either. As for a non-alcoholic version I suppose you could try possibly grape or apple juice, either that or I have some wonderful ginger cordial I bought from a health food shop (possibly Holland and Barrett) called Rochester (Dickensian recipe) Ginger - it is in a dark wine type bottle with a very dark green label and white writing - I'll bet that would pack a fair bit of a punch albeit non-alcoholic

ps Sadly I won't be going to FOQ sorry - some other time maybe

McIrish Annie said...

Love all of your little quilts.Enjoy your time off! you deserve it.

Cascade Lily said...

Anne I've not seen that dessert made with ginger snaps before - we make it here with chocolate ripple biscuits! You can add some raspberry jam as well. Endless permutations - just like quilting, eh?

I love the triangle quilt you received too - a lot of planning went into that one!

Enjoy the break. I'm on mine too, although far less active than you are!!

Suzie Sews said...

keep chilling...your work is as ever stunning

meggie said...

Your dessert sounds just what Gom would love!
I love that little summer quilt too.

Sew Create It - Jane said...

Your summer quilt is beautiful! Someone is going to be a lucky recipient!

Glad to hear you are switching gears away from work. It's so good to have a break from the routine.

Libby said...

Love that summer quilt . . . can't wait to see where it goes to live. That dessert sounds just yummy *s*

Karol-Ann said...

Recipe sounds great. Love the story about forgetting the last bsicuit and how to avoid that LOL
Lovely summer quilt!!! Glad you're getting a chance to unwind!

Jane said...

Can you buy Stone's Green Ginger Wine?
It adds to that desert if you slip the biscuits quickly though some of the wine before you sandwich them together with cream.
Have not made that for ages. Thanks for the reminder.

blackbearcabin said...

LOVE that miniature, and the butterflies really add movement to the piece! You do such beautiful handiwork!!!
hope you are enjoying your vacation!

Rose Marie said...

Your summer quilt is adorable!