Thursday, August 28, 2008

Another finish (almost)

It's been a quieter few days in our house so far this week

The reason for this is we're one man down - Nick has been up in Gloucester, since Monday evening, staying with his best friend from when we lived there.

I commented at the tea table on Monday how much more harmonious the house is when we're down to four rather than the full compliment of five. This is so even if it's Daddy who's away.

The kids did make me smile when they added their observation that this isn't the case when it's me who's missing. Obviously I must be the calming influence in the house, and the subsequent conclusion to deduce from all this is that I obviously can only cope with refereeing three others. Four seems to be beyond my capabilities.

However, with Nick back later today, no doubt normal chaos will be resumed then!

Sarah and Nigel were out at Rugby training last night which left Louise and I free to have a girlie night in.

We sat together on the sofa and watched a video

I think Louise was a little surprised at my choice

'Goodnight Mister Tom' with the excellent John Thaw in the title role

A wonderful childrens' story that's good enough for adults too :o)

Whilst watching I managed to hand stitch the binding down on my Miniature Booty Churn Dash

It just needs a label and a hanging sleeve to get it ready for the post.

Referring back to the Citrus Stars quilt from my last post Louise has taken a fancy to this pattern idea and requested a quilt of stars for herself

However being an 11year old, fashion conscious chick who seems to have a fascination with all things fluorescent in colour she wasn't going to be fobbed off with anything pretty or girly.

Nope - this one will be BRIGHT PINK!!! and BRIGHT TURQUOISE!!! teamed with black and white

Yesterday while we were out and about we picked up some black and white fabrics from the very limited selection on offer in our neck of the woods, they're a bit blah! but I guess they'll look ok once in situ - oh how I wish we had a decent quilt shop in the vicinity :o( Sadly DH won't let me open one, even if I had the money (which I don't!)

This is the starter selection on her initial sweep through the fabrics loitering with intent in the sewing room. No doubt an expedition into the loft will yield further pink and turquoise pieces

However she knows she's still a little way down the priority list as I have a bag to make for my contribution to the Bag Swap organised by Linda

I found this little stitchery I'd worked on some time ago and intend to incorporate it following a colour scheme of sand and blue

Making a good start on that is the job for today


Joyce said...

Maybe it's quiet when you are there because there is no arguments over who will do those many chores that Mum always does! I salute the pink and turquoise color choices. Gotta love those brights.

Not Lucy said...

Louise has chosen wisely - black, white, turquoise and pink will make a great color combo!

Libby said...

Great little churn dash . . . I like the 'rakish' tilt *s*

Karol-Ann said...

I'm sure I can spare some B&W if they don't need to be huge pieces :-)

Jeanne said...

I love Louise's color scheme! Kind of reminds me of 1950s-retro.
Jeanne :)

loulee1 said...

Wow, bright colours.

Love the little stitchery. I'll be looking out for more of that.

meggie said...

Love the idea of a bright pink with turquoise, & the black & white.
Your work is lovely, & I admire my Strawberries from you, every day!