Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Shades of green

Girls on tour - a little bit of pre-match training

Trying out the scrummage machine on the indoor crumb

The beautifully manicured pitch prior to the onslaught

A London Irish shirt amid a row of yellow

The victors heading over to thank their faithful supporters

The delightful and talented Mr Kennedy looking earnestly for someone - sadly not me :o)

('or me' adds the daughter)

Another photo of himself, just because - well why not?

Another day dawns on the beauty of Welsh Bicknor

The tranquility of a country church

Early morning sun lights up a humble nettle

The Forest of Dean in all its glory

Matching nail varnish from the afternoon's opposition

And gum shield to tone - all the best dressed rugby players sport them you know

Funky tour socks on a less pristine surface - well there were some green ones in there

And finally the humble beginnings of quilt - maternity leave beckons for someone - better get my skates on


Julie said...

I love these photos! Especially those of "himself" LOL. I would love to see him looking for me. (Don't tell my husband. LOL)

Clare said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Clare said...

Oh I wish!

Great photos. Makes me feel a bit home sick.

alice c said...

Mr Kennedy was looking for MissM! He spends his whole life trying to impress her - or so she claims!

Nancy said...

"Himself" makes for pretty good eye candy! Even better than last season's Mr. yellow shorts!

Libby said...

All that lovely green - signs that the new season is upon us *s*

black bear cabin said...

Mr Kennedy was actually looking for me, but i couldnt make it that day ;)

disa said...

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