Tuesday, May 05, 2009

From white to black in eighty minutes!

Take a dreary wet afternoon in the Welsh Valleys

Add thirty girls (plus subs) with lots of racing adrenaline

Copious quantities of gooey, black, coal-dust laden mud - and why can't you clean that muddy ball on your team mate's shirt?

A referee with a somewhat ironic sponsor

An impressive breakaway run

The odd hospital pass from your fellow flanker in the face of a feisty opposition hooker

A nice lineout set piece or two

Some less than sportsmanlike stamping from the Welsh opposition (naughty naughty!!! - thank goodness my daughter wasn't in the bottom there)
And it's quite easy to step from this..........

To this............

In a matter of 80 minutes!

Of course being the team coach isn't always a hazard free occupation

But even a 12 - nil defeat didn't dampen their delight - the shorts took some getting white again though!

Such a privilege to play for your national side - roll on this Friday and the return fixture on home turf!

And just in case you thought this has metamorphasised into a totally rugby blog

I have been merrily cracking on with that baby quilt


Nancy said...

Nice, NICE baby quilt!

Libby said...

Win or lose doesn't matter . . . . it's the smile on your girl's face at the end of the day *s*

Clare said...

Roll on the return match. Something tells me that Wales could just meet their match.

Lovely spring colours.

Sew Create It - Jane said...

I've only got one question...what the heck to you use to get those uniforms white again! You should let the company know...they might send you some free samples :o)

Great pictures..just like a sports journalist pro! :o)

meggie said...

Congrats to all concerned.
I was concerned about the missing quilting, haha!

sewkalico said...

I notice Sarah's shorts ARE the dirtiest!
Well done Girls!!! Never mind the quilts - not everyone has a daughter who plays such fine rugby!!!!

Anonymous said...

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