Sunday, May 16, 2010

The end of an era

How can it be?

Where did all those years go?

Can it really be almost six years ago since she started?
(Can you spot her?)

Friday afternoon in extremely wet Wales

Rain falling in that heavy drizzle that feels like little but soaks you through within seconds

Our girls warmed up outside, soggy in minutes

The opposition decided to warm up inside on the indoor astro - appearing at the very last minute - tactics

Old contests running through everyone's heads

This time it's pay-back time

White shirts turning to grimy grey

Grit and determination shining through the dismal drizzle

An almost immediate lead with a run-away try inside the first minute

Red hands in the ruck - Come on Ref!

Slippery wet ball juggling on the run

Communication - the name of the game

Popping the ball back in the tackle

Eighty minutes of grunt and grind

Flashes of breakaway brilliance

Kicking for territory

A win - we actually beat them!

Sheer exhausted delight at the final winning score of 12 -22

Beating their nemesis in their own back yard

What a fitting conclusion to six years of Junior rugby


sewprimitive karen said...

You make the game come alive. What fabulous girls and your daughter is so vibrant!

Sew Create It - Jane said...

This time of year marks the end of eras..we are just entering the final stretch of high school for one in our household and somehow that seems huge!

AnnieO said...

She was the tallest one in the back row in the first team pic, right?

Nice photojournalism, there:) Time flies when you're getting wet, mad, muddy, and tough! Congrats to the team and your star player.

julieQ said...

Yahoo! A Win! Bittersweet at times, watching them grow...I wept a bit at my sons last game.

YankeeQuilter said...

Congratulations! You all must have been so excited.

Quilts And Pieces said...

Oh what a happy face! I just get the biggest kick out of her loving that! You wouldn't catch me playing rough like that at all!

sewkalico said...

She has been amazing at this sport - you must be so proud!! Congratulations on the win!