Friday, June 04, 2010

and back to stitching............

The weather for half term down here in Somerset has been glorious

Hot sunny days are bringing on the garden a treat

A little rain the other day helped too

We've had many feathered visitors in the garden

Our blackbirds have fledged their second batch of chicks

The young goldfinches and bluetits are being taught how to help themselves to the sunflower hearts and niger seeds in our feeders

and for the first time ever we've had a pair of bullfinches in the garden

Louise's strawberries are starting to fruit
And the other day she and I took the opportunity to indulge in a somewhat wet and messy pastime out on the patio in the sunshine
Here's the finished piece of felt - I can feel some free machine embroidery coming on - the idea's bubbling away in the back of my head - no doubt it will come out sometime soon
I've gradually been working on Caroline's soft and gentle quilt - adding the outer borders
I did have a full photo taken hanging from my washing line in the garden - but some helpful soul accidentally deleted it and it's a big job to re-stage the photo without getting the quilt dirty that it will have to wait for another time - however you can see from this picture a section ofthe outer edge and also that there is still much floral applique to work around it's final plain cream border
I've taken the time to sort out some brown and pink fabrics for a friend who's short of these colours in exchange for some neutrals - Caroline's quilt has almost exhausted my stash of creams, pale beiges and tone on tone pale fabrics, so Karol-Ann offered to do a swap

I also found a piece of pale grey which didn't really fit in with the creams of Caroline's quilt and have a mind to make a two colour quilt using it with possibly just the darker or maybe both of these purples - any pattern selections anyone?

As I am so short of creams and pale beiges I thought one or more of you might quite like to do some trading so I've made a start on some small heart wallhangings in various colours to swap if anyone has a mind to, I will complete one to show you in the next day or two - please just comment or drop me an email if you're interested...................


loulee said...

Don't know if I could do any swaps,I don't have many neutrals myself, but I just have to say I love the quilt more and more with each round you add. Beautiful.

Sal said...

That's amazing as although we get Bullfinches at the bottom of the garden in the trees, they have never come close until this week when they were on the bird table and the feeders,which are close to the house!!
I got a pic but it wasn't very clear.

As for the Niger seeds,ours haven't been touched!!
Strange that! ;-)

sewkalico said...

The soft and gentle quilt is sooooooo beautiful. I shall look forward to your felt brain bubbles ;-)
Looking forward to the swap!

Ali Honey said...

You have been busy! The piece of felt looks lovely, it is pleasing colours.
Too far for me to swap.

julieQ said...

Caroline's quilt is so gorgeous...soft and lovely colors, I just really like it!

Shirley said...

Hi Anne,
Just thought I would check you out. You will know who I am. Pink Shirley from Apple County Quilters.
I blog too
so you can check me out.
Have you heard about the new source of patchwork stuff in what was Corfield Hall in town. ( The old Orange Tree Interiors place).

Lynda said...

Pastels aren't really me, but I could be converted by this lovely quilt!

Sew Create It - Jane said...

I recognize that swirly grey fabric :o) Matching it with purple is many wonderful 2 toned quilt patterns to choose from..Irish Chain, T blocks, square in a square...I could go on and on! Look forward to seeing what you come up with..I'm sure it will be wonderful!

I couldn't agree more about the weather. We've had a great break and I'm quite sad to be going back to the school routine tomorrow.

BTW Your soft Caroline quilt is gorgeous! Look forward to seeing what you add next.

AnnieO said...

Oh, pretty birds! Glad you're getting some sun after that long winter. Looks you had a good time with the felting project!

The quilt top is looking so beautiful--and large! No wonder you are out of neutrals. Those are the hardest for me to stash to.

joe tulips said...

I think I am interested. I have never commented here before, so you can check me out. I was commenting on a certain cat and his hunting in Japan...that is how I found you. We are an ocean apart, but that is ok.

Quilts And Pieces said...

Oh your soft and gentle quilt is looking so beautiful! And I"m jealous of the strawberries!

Tanya said...

Louise's felting is so artistic and beautiful. I can tell from your post that you both like pinks purples and blues. The quilt is amazinging! (What a lot of work!!!)

YankeeQuilter said...

Caroline's quilt is amazing!