Thursday, January 06, 2011

It was a very teary breakfast...........

.......... this morning as I said goodbye to Sarah before I left for work

I knew her dad would come home from work after his morning meeting to take her back to uni

But someone was smiling on them today as they negotiated the often congested journey with minimal delays and only one shrewd diversion getting her back there in plenty of time to hit the supermarket for perishables while she still had dad's wheels and wallet at her disposal and then to get to Saracens rugby training this evening

I shall miss her terribly - Hatfield is at best 3 to 3.5 hours from here but it feels like the other side of the world

She will no doubt miss us all too but a little freudian slip to her grandparents when she saw them yesterday saying 'I'm going home tomorrow' means that psychologically she feels at home there which is a jolly good job as she still has another two and a half years of her course to work through.
Realistically I know that at the end of that course there's a very good chance that she'll eventually probably gain employment in one of the hospitals she's done placement in - and as none of them are remotely near to Taunton she'll probably settle on the other side of the country - but we'll cross that bridge as we come to it

I resorted to more scarf making last night as we spent the last evening of her stay companionably sofa loafing and watching the tv together

Here is the beige/grey number's brighter sister

And a start on a deeper juniper green coloured one in a slightly different but equally speedy yarn - think I'm hooked, or that would be accurate if it were crochet instead of knitting :o)

Mind you Nigel is away tonight, the kids are on 'easy tea' which is not so easy to get away with when Dad's at home as he's a bit of a meat and two veg kind of guy, so I think I may hit the sewing again - there's a bag full of assorted green fabric I've wheedled out from my stash - so Lou's little green and cream number may just get some additional work on it

Don't forget my 500th post giveaway in yesterday's post - I'm leaving the draw open to comments until next Wednesday at 6pm GMT - so if you'd like the chance of one of those two wallhangings drop me a line


Amanda said...

My sons are about the same distance time-wise from us, and though it was our choice to move over here, I still hate seeing them go or saying goodbye when we've been visiting them. But it's not so far that we can't do it in one day if necessary, and we still see them every four or five weeks, which is probably quite enough from their point of view!

Sew Create It - Jane said...

I think I like scarf #2 best...great colours!

I find it so hard after the holidays just dropping off the kids to local school...I can't imagine what it will be like to drop one off to Uni...and I know my time is coming up soon. I'm sooo not ready for this!

Ali Honey said...

Thanks for your email. I will contact you much closer to the time to get a phone number just in case we can get together for coffee.
Your scarves are most interesting. Can you show the yarn as it is un knitted please.
Letting them go away is never easy but one gets used to it. If you make them too independent they disappear to the other side of the world!( but they eventually want to come home it seems ) With modern communication it is so much easier.

alice c said...

You have to play the long game - my brother vanished to South America after graduation but my parents were patient and their confidence paid off. He now lives 10 minutes drive away with his young family.
I am quite confident that the wonderful relationship that you have with Sarah will ensure that she never goes very far away even though she is an independent young woman and you can be proud of that.

Margery said...

Anne, Hatfield is only 20 - 30 minutes from here. It does sound as if Sarah has settled in well, but, just in case, my e-mail is margeryburghATo2DOTcoDOTuk . I "kind-of" know you through BQL, remember?

Quilts And Pieces said...

Oh my Emily leaves on Sunday. She is 9 hours away! Now that feels like a world away! I of course will miss her. She says she won't miss me!

Libby said...

Oh how hard it can be on the mama to watch her little birdies grow. But from one who has been there, let me say that it really is fun to see them soar. Not always close in miles but always close in heart *s*