Thursday, August 03, 2006

Dinky little dolly quilts

Well I've managed to get the camera back working again - sort of - with a new battery at the princely cost of £13 (about $25) from a site on the internet. The self same battery would have been £39 at our local high street photography shop. As much as I like to patronise high street traders I'm afraid the £26 I saved is better in my pocket than theirs!

I should get a picture of Flightless Beauty sorted out this afternoon all being well.

When we lived in France during the winter of 2001/2002 DD2 was the first member of the family to have a birthday out there in the February. She became the ripe old age of 5 :o)

When asked what she would like for her birthday she requested a double buggy type push chair ( stroller ) for her dollies.

DH and I hunted high and low for such an object in France to no avail and in the end as we knew my sister was coming over to visit a couple of weeks after the said birthday we resorted to getting her to purchase one in the UK and bring it over with her.

I had wanted to make a couple of little quilts for this buggy and my sister gave me an indication of the colour scheme of the fabric on the said item

You girls on the August 'no fabric buying ' programme would have been proud of me, especially as my stash was nowhere near as well developed as it is now.

I was given the colour criteria of navy blue with orange and lime green (wince!)

So I went on a stash excavation and came up with the fabrics in the two mini quilts you see above.

They each measure only 16" by 22". I made the fence rail one first and then got bored (plus the spectre of a tight time schedule was hovering over my shoulder as I could only work on them when the kids were out of the house at school or in bed)

So I opted for a very speedy strippy for the second

FMQ in specific areas finished off with 'Happy 5th Birthday Louise' stitch/written along the top of each and then I pulled the backing to the front to make the binding.

She was delighted with them and her dolls still get covered up by them to this day


quiltpixie said...

they make a great pair of quilts... the same "feel" but distinct.

The Calico Cat said...

YAY - so did they "match" the buggy? (I am dieing to see the buggy picture... I find little girl sized doll stuff to be too cute!)

Darcie said...

Darling little quilts! I love how the stripes marry with the little floral so nicely. Well done!

tami said...

Very cute. You should take a picture of them in the buggy. I would love to see a navy and lime green buggy. :c)

joyce said...

Very cute little quilts. They go together nicely but are still different.

Judy said...

Anything made my mommy is wonderful and much appreciated!! Colors and all!

Tonya R said...

excellent job on both of the quilts. I love that you stitched the occasion and her name right into the quilts

ForestJane said...

Those turned out adorable!

Hedgehog said...

I love doll quilts - they are so quick and cute. I would have loved them as a girl, but for stuffed animals - I was not the doll type.