Thursday, August 03, 2006

Finally - Flightless Beauty where she belongs

I've had a pretty boring week this week stitching wise, fastening sleeves on the top of a large assortment of old quilts ready for the grand hanging tomorrow afternoon for the show on Saturday and Sunday - dysmal but necessary jobs - well at least if I want any of them to actually be hung. The moral of this part of the post is, even if your quilt is only ever destined to lay flat on a bed, do attach a hanging sleeve (in the same fabric as your batting if you want it to not be too obtrusive) as you put on the binding and complete the quilt - then if you have to use the quilt to fill a space in a quilt show anywhere you're saved the boring task of putting it on at a later date like I've been doing all week.

Finally - after being thwarted at every turn, firstly by the camera then by blogger who wouldn't play ball, here she is - Flightless Beauty, where she belongs, on our bed :o)

I'm delighted with how she looks and the fit on the bed etc etc etc.

A few days ago when I tried to take this picture the previous time I left her on the bed hoping the camera would miraculously cure itself later in the day. Needless to say it didn't so the quilt was still on the bed when DH and I came to settling down for the night at bedtime.

As the weather here has been pretty warm she's more than a little hot to sleep under so I got him to help me fold her up commenting to him how pleased I was with the end result.

I've probably told you before that he is a man of few words particularly in the complements department

His response was ...............

Oh is this for our bed then? It's very nice, really matches the colours in the bedding.

I despair, I truly do - he watched me stitch it virtually through the whole of last year, I commented at regular intervals how pleased I was and didn't it look nice and won't it go with the bedding, and then much to his disgust I've spent the best part of the last month working on it quilting and finishing it while he's moaned about - and I quote - 'That Bloody Quilt!' etc etc etc........and it still hadn't actually registered that it was indeed for our bed

Which planet are these men on?!?!?


Judy said...

My husband does this and I figured it out long ago, so I share.... See they ask the question, but 1 second after they ask it, they stop listening and are off reading or watching something ELSE. SO they never actually hear the answer. Thus they need to ask again 5 minutes later! I've had conversations with DH that he deosn't remember 6 hours later!

Now the's FABULOUS!!! Absolutely gorgeous and just the perfect size for your bed! I'm really trying to make one for mine but still working. Yours is just amazing! Well done!!!

Patti said...

Looks great! And just as the book says - men are from Mars and Women are from Venus. Or at least two different planets. I can't believe just how obtuse men can be most of the time!

joyce said...

It looks incredible on your bed. Congratulations on finishing it.

The Calico Cat said...

All I have to say is, "Men!" They really are in their own little world. They ask the question, but they already have an answer formulated, so they don't listen to the "real" answer!

Linda_J said...

I think sometimes they live in a parallel universe, LOL. "Flightless Beauty" looks stunning on your bed and right where it belongs. (Note that I didn't refer to it as that bloody quilt as he so quaintly called it)

I hear you on the sleeves too, I have helped at quilt shows where they were all supposed to have a sleeve regardless of size and then had to pin something temporary on them---not a happy camper doing that. They should have just not been hung if people couldn't follow instructions. Too bad, so sad.

KCQuilter said...

Ohmigosh, your Flightless Beauty is a stunner!!! And congrats on finishing the "bloody thing"! And as for men? They do wake up in a different world everyday, don't they???

Tonya R said...

Congrats - you did a remarkable job.

Dawn said...

Oh she looks wonderful on your bed! What a wonderful accomplishment! I just lvoe it!