Tuesday, October 24, 2006

My little spot

One or two of you including Jeanne and Amy have been showing off yor special 'sit and stitch' spot

So I thought I'd show you mine

I snuggle up in the very well worn corner of our leather sofa - don't look too close or you'll be able to see how worn the fronts of the cushions are - obviously well used and we're loathe to replace it even if we had the money as it is sooooo comfortable

I have an old Singer treadle machine table tucked into the corner there which tends to be the dumping ground for all my bits and pieces as I stitch along and tucked down between the sofa and the table is a little hidey hole area not easily viewed from the rest of the room where I tend to stuff whatever I'm working on at that moment - only tidying it up as it starts to spill out into the rest of the room

The kids and for that matter DH all know this is MY seat so vacate it when I come into the room to sit down

It has a good view of the tv so I can watch it over the top of my reading glasses as I merrily hand applique away and during the day I also get a good view of the day out of the window

The lamp is one of two I possess - purchased at great expense pre children when I had more money than sense, the other one is a 1920's art nouveau lady with a fabulous peacock sitting on her shoulder. DH thinks both my ladies are hideous but tolerates them because I love them so much. They did have to go into long-term hibernation in boxes in the loft while the kids were small - it was just too big a risk and it was wonderful to make their acquaintance again once the kids were old enough to respect them. Surprisingly the one in the picture throws out just the right amount of light for me to sit there stitching :o)

Those of you who have been dropping by for a while will see from the decor why I picked the colour scheme for my internet ostrich (with the celtic knotwork centre) and my hexagon quilt to go with this room as throws for the backs of the sofa and the armchair

So come on girls - I've shown you mine - let's see yours!


YankeeQuilter said...

I don't have a spot yet! We keep having to rearrange things at the new house because of internet and electricial complications (4 times we have set up the computer!) I'm hoping to have settled on one by the weekend!

dot said...

I love your spot. We once had a couch like that, had to get rid of it,(my son broke it) and how I do miss it. It was the most comfortable couch I think we ever had. Your spot looks so comffy and good thing the family knows it is yours.

quiltpixie said...

maybe if I had ONE comfy corner to stitch in I'd get to the stitching....

Judy said...

Looks comfty to me!! I sit in almost the same pace...the end of my sofa with the end table next to me. I put up a tv tray to hold all the sewing bobs while I sew and then return everything at the end of the night out of kitties reach!!

Looks great!

DubiQuilts said...

I like your little comfy spot. There is nothing like a worn leather couch.

Dormouse said...

Your comfy spot looks a lot like mine, particularly the worn sofa, although mine is brown cord and looks like an over-loved teddy, and the gap between the sofa and the table where it all gets stashed.

I love your curtains. They look a lot like some of your applique. It's lovely colour combination.