Sunday, January 07, 2007

Half way there

Well what a productive day!

After stitching quite a bit last night I managed to get loads and loads done on the coach - it made a very pleasant change not to have to drive - especially as the journey took the best part of two hours each way. I finally finished the last bits on the second border piece this evening

The rugby this afternoon was awesome! Both the under 14s and Sarah's team, the under 17s, played today.

Both their opposition teams from Cirencester were young inexperienced teams but they put up a credible fight. However as is often the case there's no match for experience and Taunton were hugely victorious in both games.

The under 14s won 75 - 15 and the under 17s won 73 - 7 with 11 tries and 9 conversions. Sarah put a whopping 33 points on the board with three tries at 5 points each and NINE conversions at 2 points each.

They all played well with some superb handling and passing but Sarah surpassed herself and was delighted to be back on kicking form.

This photo shows her passing out the ball from the scrum to the winger (No 14) who also scored four tries in total

And this one shows one of Sarah's conversions.

Finally here's Jack - the son of the team coach - their unofficial mascot - complete with the Taunton colours quilt I made him when he was born in October - wonderful to see it getting plenty of use. He was so impressed he slept through most of the match and both coach journeys. Just the sort of baby you need :o)

And most wonderfully when we got back home after 6pm we came in to find that my lovely lovely husband had roasted a chicken complete with roasted root veg, jacket potatoes, sage and onion stuffing and garden peas - what more could any woman want - I've truly found a treasure :o)


Patti said...

I just can't believe how quickly you are doing this border! It's going to be a stunning frame for the quilt!

Can you husband give lessons to some of the rest of our husbands? Unfortunatly you are just too far away. My husband's idea of handling dinner is to ask me whether I want Burger King, Subway, Quiznos, or Chinese.

Ali Honey said...

You seem to be on a very postive productive high. Well done with all you are achieving. The mascot look so cute!

quiltpixie said...

the border is just wonderful! You've been very very busy...

Helen said...

Wow, the borders are different colours. I like it!

Libby said...

Your little mascot could easily nap with the team taking care to be in a winning position *s* Love the borders -- the are coming together just beautifully.

Judy said...

I love roasted anything with veggies cooked with the meat! We eat that up around here! My hubby happily does the peeling of the veggies too!

I give up! You are the fastest sewer I know! They look wonderful! The baby quilt look so good in use!

Lily said...

Well done Anne - those borders are looking beautiful - I love the pastel colours you've chosen - they look marvellous.

Sounds like you had a perfect day - topped off by the perfect dinner. Nigel is a fabulous discovery!

Lois R. said...

Your applique is looking fantastic! And the baby quilt looks great in use.

How lucky you are to have a hubby who will cook. Mine is sitting upstairs right now, wondering what I'm going to make for him! (instead, I read another blog!!!)