Monday, January 01, 2007

Lots more stars and hearts progress

What a party - the knees, hips and back bear witness to the exuberant dancing and my age! DD1 danced the night away lots more than me and even managed to get her boyfriend up to dance with her - I'm not sure he knew what had hit him, as he's never seen her in a party situation before and boy can she ever dance but he was round again this evening so it's not put him off!

Sarah woke us this morning just before 11am (well we didn't get to bed until almost 2am) with a cup of tea and once breakfasted we decided to pop into town to feed DH's habit. Apart from loving vintage preserved railways he's a real glutton for old buses, lorries and cars. The cattle market in town was to be the starting point for a vintage vehicle rally - apparently it starts from here each New Year's Day but we knew nothing about it last year. So we took him to feed his own particular addiction :o)

Here are a handful of the beautiful vehicles on show so he's had his fix for a wee while. Believe me there were other colours than green!

The rest of the day was a general veg for all of us in the house watching the tv and stitching for me.

From this photo you can see I've been speeding along at a fair lick! This is now the top half of the quilt centre - woohooo! I've surprised myself at how much I'm enjoying this. Once I've completed the centre I shall put on a 2" border in random lights with dark cornerstones followed by a 4" outer border in random darks with light cornerstones complete with a heart in each corner and a light binding. I'm a great lover of square quilts the way the amish made them so they could be turned round and get equal wear on each side.

Finally we got round to our Christmas pudding after our dinner tonight - in true Christmas fashion Nigel drowned it in brandy and set light to it - I've never managed to capture this on film before - the kids love him to do this even though only he and I actually like the pudding. The two younger ones will down copious bowls of the accompanying white sauce and Sarah usually bows out with ice cream instead.

All the more for those who like it!!!


Angie said...

Wow, Anne, you've REALLY moved fast on those scrappy hearts! I'm really loving this quilt, girl. Can't wait to see it with borders. ;p Happy New Year.

Ali Honey said...

Oh well done. It's looking great!

Lily said...

Anne you are very quick when you get going! Love the heart centres. Sounds like it will be a lovely quilt.

LOL at your eldest daughter getting her boyfriend up to dance - that was always a true test for me of how interested a boy really was. If he danced with me, then I knew!

joyce said...

YOur quilt is looking great. Can't wait to see it finished. I used to not like square quilts but I have changed my mind. Every morning I wrap myself it my square Wonky Log Cabin and sit to read blogs. It's my fave quilt right now.

Judy said...

Wow you are sewing those hearts in applique like lightning!! Sounds like a great party, and the shot of the pudding is fabulous all lit up!

Fiona said...

Beautiful quilt - can't believe how quickly you've put it together. We ate our Christmas Pudding on New Year's Eve. I've had it for 2 years and it has never got eaten before because we were either too full after Christmas Dinner or there weren't enough of us who like Christmas Pudding to eat it. (It was a great big Tiptree one in an earthenware basin). New Year's Eve lunch with the familily seemed the perfect opportunity (and I didn't serve a starter to be sure we'd have room for it)