Tuesday, November 27, 2007

The Quilting Babes Strike Again!

The girls were back on form last night and for the first time ever completed a block in one session.

Mind you I did help with some of the rotary cutting or we may have been here still this morning

A churn dash block each - simple(ish) but effective. As for Sarah's foundation pieced block, she only has to put the four quarters together and that's another one under her belt - however last night she was so tired that I thought there was a very real danger of her stitching over her fingers so persuaded her to do this last little bit of block construction tonight instead - you may even get to see it tomorrow at long last after all the promising.

With the girls the one thing I find hardest is standing back and giving them free rein regarding fabric and colour placement - I have to remember that they're their quilts they're making not mine and the choices are not mine to make. Lots of tongue biting from me - a good lesson to learn methinks

As usual in and amongst there was a bit of tomfoolery and light hearted banter.

Megan found this old waistcoat of Sarah's (aged 5-6 years) amongst the fabrics and decided she'd like to wear it instead of cut it up - I thought it was perfect for the centre square of the churn dash block but the skinny little minx thought it much more fun to pour herself into it and parade round posing but hardly being able to breathe - kids eh?!?

Yesterday was a busy day at work - my close colleague Trish had picked up something unpleasant from the kids and wasn't in so I ended up working 8.45 to 3 - longer than my usual day and very tiring but I did find out who my Secret Santa recipient in the work draw will be and I like to think this lady will love something Christmassy and home-made - we started working at the school on the same day and so have often supplied each other with a shoulder to cry on or a sympathetic listening ear.

I made this pattern up myself and started stitching it last night in front of the tv.

I thought I'd better return to the bright spotty stars quillow too and work out what still needs doing - so I laid it out on the floor and concluded that I'll still have to do a few more smaller stars and some applique sashings. However looking at it laid out like this I can start to see a completion on the horizon - even if that horizon is a bit distant at present.

Finally I'm feeling a little left at home again - Nigel is heading off on an unexpected visit to Belgium this evening until Thursday and will drive with a colleague through the tunnel instead of flying.

While I'm envious, as usual, of his wanderings it does mean he can pick up some useful Christmas shopping from the French hypermarket on his way back and some perfume for part of Sarah's Christmas stocking.

I get to have a quiet couple of evenings stitching and no-one keeping me awake snoring for two nights - every cloud has a silver lining.........................


loulee1 said...

It's all go in your house again. The girls are doing wonderfully, all that tongue biting will pay off.

Cathi said...

You have a snorer too? Sometimes absence is wonderful, at least for the sleeping, lol!!

Your stitchery looks interesting so far, and complicated, way to go for you to design it yourself!

I think it is wonderful that those girls are still into their patchwork. Can't wait to see more, esp. when they start to put a top together!

Sew Create It - Jane said...

Oh to be thin again!!! I'd be lucky to get a size 5-6 vest on one leg! Well at least they are getting some sewing done too. The blocks look wonderful!
Enjoy your quiet time. My DH announced yesterday that he's going to London for 3 nights next week and all I could think of was the amount of sewing time!! I've got 2 quillows I want finished for Christmas and that will give me a good chunk of time to get them done!

atet said...

Those churn dashes are lovely! I love your stitchery -- I can't wait to see this one finished as well. Enjoy your no-snore time, but it does make for some lonely times :0).

meggie said...

Girls blocks look very nice. I love your stitchery too!
And looking forward to seeing stars!!

meggie said...
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YankeeQuilter said...

I get soooo much done when DH goes away for a few days. It makes me feel a bit guilty for enjoying it so much!

The girls' blocks look great. You are doing a wonderful job with them!

Ali Honey said...

The girls are doing just fine with their colour choice. I empathise with the delight at no snoring but it's a shame you can't have a wee trip away too. Love your little apple smelly plate mats. life sure gets busy!

Dawn said...

Oh my gosh! Look at all the eye candy tonight! The girls blocks are wonderful! And I LOVE your stichery you designed! It is sooo wonderful!