Thursday, November 01, 2007

Sorry guys - we were obviously on a different wavelength!

Sorry folks - when I asked for your opinion I obviously didn't explain myself properly.
The thing I couldn't decide on was whether this block works with the burgundy background regardless of the other solid colour - I'd always intended to use a variety of fabrics. Initially it looked strange to me as I'd just finished stitching a load of I-spy blocks in brights with a white background.
Anyway now I've done four of the dratted things I think it will probably work as long as I can keep my teeth gritted long enough to put together a total of 25 as the fabric is a complete pain to work with.
I was going to sash it in the burgundy and use the other colours as cornerstones......... but I do have a bigger piece of the greenish beige piece you see as second down in the fabrics on the right. So I shall sash in that and use the burgundy for the cornerstones instead - the sashings will probably be either 1.5" or 2" width.
I think the dark green and brighter burgundy at the bottom of the selection probably won't give sufficient contrast for the blocks so will probably leave them out of the equation altogether.
Things have started to get very busy indeed at school for the next few weeks so I'm pretty tired each evening but I have been cracking on with the stitchery - pictures to follow.
Just have to keep on stitching...............


McIrish Annie said...

Busy, Busy, Bebbs!! I like the Laurel Burch blocks and you are right it will make a nice soft looking quilt. keep on stitching!! BTW, I wish I could get my DH to fold fabric!!

Dawn said...

I do like the burgandy background. I think it is working. You can manage 25 blocks!

Shelina said...

Ot looks great to me - I think the burgandy adds a nice touch.

Cascade Lily said...

My goodness woman you have been busy! Glad to hear that the car trip taking Sarah into town had a good result! I remember writing similar English papers and just did not get why!

I haven't seen the block you're making before. It will make a lovely all-over pattern - I saw you've used the same for Spencer's new quilt - he's a lucky boy! Two quilts from Quilting Bebbs!

meggie said...

I am sure the finished result will be worth the battle with the horrid fabric!