Thursday, May 14, 2009


The first finish - the rugby playing season is over for another year - thank goodness in the main - it will be nice for the whole family to have some respite from it, but most of all Sarah's body needs the rest and recuperation after a very hefty season
This knee - which her friends told her reminded them of a Beano comic book character's - definitely needs the rest - the only remedy for bursitis, (caused by several incidences of impact with the hard ground) is REST!
And after a very intensive and physically punishing final match (the return fixture against the Welsh Colleges which we lost 10 - 22) one disappointed and very sore girl (the tears had just been wiped away for the photo) really needs a rest too - we spent the following afternoon at A & E with suspected liver/gall bladder pain - fortunately the tests came back clear - but there were some very hard tackles in this last match
You can see here that, although I managed to get the shorts back to sparkling white, the coach had less luck with the shirts and the girls ended up playing in the blue 'away' strip - not quite the same somehow
Of course Sarah's focus now has to change from rugby to AS exams over the next four weeks - but at least the knee won't get a pounding for now.
Back to stitching I've also had a finish
For months I've not really been at all focussed on my quilting
However there's nothing quite like the deadline of a colleague's imminent maternity leave to spur me into action
She told me she'd decorated the nursery in yellow with a lime green carpet
A good enough match I'd say - and she was absolutely delighted - such a simple pattern but so effective in the right fabrics - these batiks and tone on tone fabrics were a delight to work with
Amazing what one little finish can do to waken up the creative urges
Inspiration has been forthcoming all around blogland - a gorgeous jewel box quilt courtesy of Nancy and a fabulous basket quilt rustled up by Libby
So I dug out an assortment of neutrals to contrast with colourful scraps
Rustled up a pile of HSTs to press and trim to size - me - piecing? - never!!! (I know I'm as surprised as you are)
A new stitchery design ready for embroidering
The sewing machine and iron working overtime
Busy, busy, busy!!!
Watch this space for a progress report - if I can drag myself away from the sweat shop that is ...................................