Monday, May 18, 2009

Triangles, triangles everywhere

Those of you who have followed this blog for a while will no doubt reel with shock when you realise that I've not only been piecing but piecing triangles at that.
As a rule I just don't do triangles in any shape or form
However it was my birthday a couple of weeks ago and our local fabric shop has mottled batiks at £4.97 per metre - a real bargain - these can often cost £10 to £12 per metre on this side of the pond
So I went in to spend my birthday money and came home with this gorgeous assortment - two metres of the end sand and beige ones and a metre each of the others
Imagine my surprise when I was surfing around blogland later that day to find Libby's lovely quilt in just the same colours as my three left hand choices
Must have been meant to be
I had also been inspired by Nancy's Jewel Box quilt - I've long thought I'd like to make one of these - and so I was already lowering myself gently into the uncharted waters of HST construction en masse.
Lots of strips
Cut up to use as leaders and enders (a la Bonnie at Quiltville)
To join together with the HSTs
To make Jewel Box Blocks
Nice and scrappy
Joining together to form the greater pattern - sorry forgot to turn this photo before loading it - just stand on your head or something to view it properly please :o))) Nancy was right these little babies just make themselve up
So once I was in the swing of the jewel box components my courage got the better of me and I decided to cut up the bits for the batik blocks - amazing how the colour changes under artificial lighting
And eventually the first of the four big blocks was born
A few days further down the line and here are two of the four - half way there. Believe it or not the greens all came from the same piece of fabric, don't you just love the variations in batiks
Just had to nip back to the shop this morning to secure additional yardage in these three colours - it would be such a shame to run out half way through such an enthusiastic project once I'm on a roll
Now I have two more blocks to stitch up (the HST's are already trimmed and waiting) and then the big decision about how to put it all together - after all those triangles I've a feeling there might be some applique on the horizon
Thank you blogging friends for inspiring me and giving me the courage to have a go


loulee said...

Well it all looks fantastic to me. It's good to see you sewing again.

Fiona said...

Who can resist triangles (I can't)- the jewel box is lovely - I wouldn't mind having a go at one of those myself.

Nancy said...

You GO girl! Gorgeous projects! What is the pattern for the batik blocks? I'm a real sucker for baskets . . .. .

anne bebbington said...

For all those interested Libby did put the link on her posting but here it is too:

Scroll down to the fifth row and it's the centre quilt 'Spring Clean Up'

Have fun!

Sew Create It - Jane said...

Hey hey...looks like someone's got her quilting mojo back! Looking goooood ;o)

Carolyn said...

my, you've been busy! I love your triangles! :o)

Joy said...

Just LOVE that scrap quilt!! Gorgeous :o).
Joy :o)

AnnieO said...

I admired that basket quilt on Libby's blog too--it's so simple and pretty. Batiks are not my first go-to choice and I was pleasantly surprised by my first project with them recently. The variety in the fabric within one length of material does make it so interesting. Love the scrappy jewel box quilt too. Thanks for sharing!

meggie said...

Wow, there is no stopping you, once you get your teeth into a project!! Wonderful!

Clare said...

I love that happy scrappy quilt.

Great colours and WOW! That Is Cheap!

Sally said...

I love the scrappy quilt, the colours really stand out well, the triangles are brill and to be able to get batiks at that price, it would be rude not to buy them ! lol.

McIrish Annie said...

Glad to see you back. Now that your DD is done with rugby it's time for some quilting. can't wait to see that little stichery!

and good for you jumping into HSTs and triangles. I avoid them too!

Nines said...

Wow!! What fun! I love those mottled batiks- my favorites. They are so versatile and no quilt will be boring if they are in it! Love the jewel box- and good for you doing HST thing. they can be tedious, but aren't they worth it?

Ali Honey said...

That was great buying! The Jewel Box pattern is a lovely one, hope you are pleased with it when it's done.

Libby said...

Triangles - they aren't so bad, afterall *s* I love both of your pieces and just can hardly wait to see your applique for the borders of those baskets!