Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Softly and gently does it................

Whilst we were on Sark, our hostess, Nigel's cousin Caroline, was very complimentary about Batik Baskets

Back in the late 70s and 80s she took an art/textile degree at Loughborough and subsequently she worked for Elizabeth Bradley Tapestries on Anglesey so she certainly knows her onions
She hinted that she'd love a quilt for her own bed but would never find the time to make one herself
I suggested that she might like me to make one for her and showing great delight at the prospect she also offered to pay me for it
To be honest she provided us with wonderful accommodation on holiday and would accept nothing in return so I reckon that any payment for a quilt has already been received
I did ask her what sort of colour scheme she would prefer
She intimated that, as her bedroom is all creams and beiges, a palette of soft subtle colours would suit it very well and she has a special fondness for lilacs and duck-egg blues in particular
So on our return I dug out some of my softest and gentlest fabrics to go with the creams and beiges
First a floral wreath with three tier flowers - I've made these flowers often over the years - given a considered colour placement they always look more than the simple shape they are
Also I'd rather like this quilt - which will be a large double bed square - to grow relatively quickly.
So as I'm also fond of Four Block designs, so I decided to work four of the wreaths for the centre
Then I interspaced them with scrappy flying geese - unusually for me there are no defining borders around the blocks - I'm not sure why I didn't bother because I virtually always do on a medallion quilt and I'm not totally convinced I'm happy with their absence, but I shall run with this as plenty of cream will give me open quilting spaces and help to keep the colour scheme light. The flying geese have worked out almost too randomly as there are some close neighbours in the same fabric but again I'm not going to change it - rather keep it as some naive cottagey charm
This is almost as much as I've done so far - the cream corner stones are now in the process of having similar single flowers but in different fabric stitched onto them
So what shall I do for the next round? - who knows, but again I'm resisting the temptation to add a coloured border before I work it


marigold jam said...

Wow - you've done all that since you got back from Sark?! Amazing - I am still struggling with my 3rd block and seriously thinking of giving up on patchwork as I just don't have the patience.
I love your quilt just as it is and am sure it will be even more beautiful when completed.


loulee said...

It's beautiful and a wonderful way to repay such generosity.

Ali Honey said...

It's looking good so far. You do seem to work rapidly so it will be finished soon I think.
Strangely straight after I had been looking at your holiday photos of Sark we watched a programme called Coast on TV about all the Channel Islands. On Sark they went into some caves that are only above water twice a year at the Srping tides I think. Inside the caves were amazing sea creature that are usually under water. It didn't show the ambulance but did show the horse drawn transport, and the same small road you were standing on.

Doodlebug Gail said...

I love your colour palette - very soft and peaceful. I'm sure she's going to be very happy with the finished result.

I don't have any suggestions for the next round but will wait eagerly to see what you do.

AnnieO said...

So soft and lovely! I would be very hard pressed to find any of these colors in my stash---how wonderful that you've accomplished so much and its turned out so pleasing. Can't wait to see what comes next :)

Gina said...

it's going to be a beautiful quilt.

What about a border of vines to echo the wreaths for the next border?

Love and hugs Gina xxx

alice c said...

I love the way that you are so confident about your colour and design choice - and of course you are right - it looks stunning.

Sew Create It - Jane said...

Looks wonderful! I bet she will absolutely love it...once again your work is so beautiful.

Shasta said...

It is so beautiful - soft and romantic.

sewkalico said...

Very pretty!

Chookyblue...... said...

no suggestions to help out but it is looking great so far.........sounds like it fits perfectly with your receiver..

Rose Marie said...

My word .... this is lovely! Those colours remind me of a cottage by the sea. Also love your batik pattern too.