Thursday, April 08, 2010

Bitten by the bug

Louise and I have a lot in common - probably much more than I have with my other two children
As much as I take great delight in watching Sarah and Nick play sport and support their endeavours to the hilt I've never liked participating myself.
I was always the last kid to be picked when the class had to split into two in PE lessons - usually to the cries of 'Oh no Miss! Do we have to have her???????????' Although hurtful this was usually perfectly understandable as I always ended up being a complete liability
Indeed when playing the obligatory hockey at school I was usually put out at Left Wing in a desperate attempt at damage limitation as that was where I would be least likely to scupper the teams chances of success!
Louise is not totally like me in this way as she is reasonably competent at sport and generally comes in around the middle of the field in a race for example. However like me she participates under sufferance as she really doesn't enjoy the experience and if given the choice could always find something better to do with her time
Usually a better option would be something art or craft based and for this she definitely follows me
For her brother, the worst option for homework would be a colouring-in exercise or some drawing - so much so he usually cons his little sister into doing it for him - but Lou will happily create for hours on end, often working on something related to her given task way and beyond the work she has been set.
Of late she's baked chocolate cakes, chelsea buns and a chocolate citrus drizzle cake - unfortunately eaten so no photographic evidence
And she has now turned her hand to gardening
Strawberry plants
Newly planted pots to go near the front door
And the promise of a plentiful supply of salads for the summer
Here she is modelling her creation for her French homework - an outfit for a fashion show to be described in French - emphasis on recycling and animal conservation (hence the tree frog beanie on her shoulder) - the school is obviously adopting an eco-friendly theme

She's always a happy little bunny when being creative - now we just have to train her to clearing up her mess after her and we will have a real result! (If the truth be known she follows me on this trait too)
Unusually for British Springtime the weather is being very kind indeed at present - mild and sunny - we even managed a family trip out on Easter Sunday
A local spinning mill was open and had the boilers and engines in full steam - much to his Lordship's delight
It is set in the small Devon village of Uffculme, about 25 minutes from us and the gardens were a picture with spring flowers in abundance in the sunshine
The cafe had cake on offer in pieces the size of an average family bungalow, and very nice it was too
The gift shop stocked a beautiful array of snuggly soft alpaca mix sock wools in a glorious selection of colours - all spun on the premises
Unfortunately Himself was in charge of the camera so the best I can offer you...........
is the Lancashire Boiler in full puff! Look closely and you can tell the chap in the blue overalls has been scratching his bald pate!

As for me - I've been bitten by the applique bug again - all those berries on 'Berry Baskets' set me off in the right mould
So here we are - a bunch of centres for Sawtooth Stars to start the next round of Caroline's Quilt - guess I'd better do some piecing now to complete them


Amanda said...

Weren't we lucky with the Easter weather, so unusual. And another glorious couple of days this week. Our two sons are visiting us at the weekend and next week, so you can bet it will change then! I was pretty hopeless at sport too, and perfected the art when we were playing hockey of rushing up and down the wing looking energetic, and managing never to touch the ball at all. Either that, or they put me in goal, which was a laugh since I was so short and the pads were so long that I could barely move.

loulee said...

I daren't comment on the weather, the white stuff might return!
Your applique flowers look so pretty, looking forward to seeing them become stars.

julieQ said...

Good job mom on teaching that baby something she will enjoy for her whole life!!

Libby said...

Yeah Louise . . . . I'm right there with you when it comes to sports, much more fun to dig in the dirt than be ground into by an opponent *s* Enjoy!

sewkalico said...

I am amazed to see that you have enough sun to cast strong shadows!! What a luck! Things are warming up here, but no shadows yet LOL.
Glad you are sewing like a ninja again!! And Lovely to hear about Louise's activities. Her hair is wonderfully long!

Jeanne said...

Louise's outfit is wonderful!

Sew Create It - Jane said...

I was always the last one picked in gym class too!

Love Louise's outfit for French much creativity going on there.

Nice to see you are taking up needle and thread again..I bet those flowers will make wonderful centres.

Tanya said...

How clever of Louise. And I must say very inspiring of the school to have a fashion show using French for the French class. We never had fun things in Japanese schools...