Friday, April 16, 2010

Quilting I promised you.............

................and quilting there will be

Well piecing and applique as a pre-cursor to quilting anyway

Before you read any further can I just tell you that Blogger is playing some very silly games with me at the moment - this post should have 5 photographs in it - if you can't see them all chances are you won't be able to read the whole post either - please refresh and try again......... okay back to business!

Before I show you the progress I've made on Caroline's quilt I thought I'd show you a different view of Sarah from this one you usually see

The girls in the squad for last weekend had to travel and dine the first evening dressed as SuperHeros

Sarah chose a Thundercat

Makes you wonder how she manages to get all this hair into that rugby-playing bun

Enough of rugby speak - especially as we have another weekend of it travelling to Loughborough tonight to watch her play for South-West in the National Student Games

Here is Caroline's Quilt complete with its latest round of Sawtooth Stars

I am extending my Easter break from school by a week for medical reasons - I have to have day surgery on Monday to check out the interior of my bladder - yeuch - but I shall be resting and recuperating at home for the rest of the week.

So I have prepared lots more leaves and berries (lavender instead of red this time) to while away the hours until I go back to work, on my 50th birthday of all days, on Tuesday 27th - nice birthday present eh?


Fiona said...

Oh, to have Sarah's curls! Hope your recovery from the op is straightforward and gives you lots of time to sew.

Ali Honey said...

Sarah's outfit is very cool! ( she looks so cute actually ).

Your quilt top is very delicate and ethereal. Would look great on a bed with white wooden head board.

Good luck with your surgery - I hope all is well.

Clare said...

Goodness she's growing up! We're off to Sud France on Tuesday for a week's hols to celebrate "someone's" brilliant Brevet Blanc results. Back the day of your birthday so expect a surprise round about then.

Take care of YOU!

Sew Create It - Jane said...

Love the quilt..very pretty!

Sorry to hear you will be off your feet. Hope the procedure goes well and that you heal up soon. (((hugs)))

sewkalico said...

Good luck with the surgery! Hope it's nothing serious and that you get looked after at home. The top looks lovely and Sarah's makeup is amazing!

Tanya said...

Do take cre of yourself! Get lots of rest. Don't do too much sewing...

And Happy Birthday (though I'll probably be back before the 27th.)

Quilts And Pieces said...

Sarah is just too funny! And I"m loving Caroline's quilt! It looked wonderful!