Saturday, April 03, 2010

Where did March go?

Away with the berry baskets I think...........

But more of that later

March has been a busy month

The long awaited and much dreaded financial inspection at work arrived and was over in a day

Much to my delight (and not really that much of a surprise considering the work I'd put in) we passed on the day with flying colours with one small recommendation to make sure I bank weekly (Well they have to pick up on something to justify their existence I suppose)


Don't have to worry about that again for three years and we have a fancy logo to add to our letterhead - not sure that it's worth all the grief and graft but sometimes you just have to go with the flow

My big girl played another match for England Colleges

I love this shot of all the shirts lining up on the boundary fence before battle commenced

Here's one rather special spectator - Finley - a rugby virgin attending his very first rugby game at only 9 weeks old

Our girls hosted the Welsh Colleges on the main pitch at Bath University - no small honour

Because of travel difficulties we only managed to pull together a bare 15 for the side which meant playing with no subs

It was a tough game against a dirty opposition - two yellow cards to the Welsh was generous - they could easily have been given several reds - repeated dirty tactics and foul play pushed the ref's hand into his pocket for his cards - not a thing that happens often in girls' rugby

The final whistle blew as play stopped for a supposed knock-on on our try line after a good five minutes of our girls desperately picking and driving to level the score to 10 all - had we managed that elusive try under the posts a conversion to give us a two point lead and a well-deserved victory should have been a formality

It wasn't to be - our girls were beaten by 5 points to 10

So near but so far - but no shame in that as in both last year's games the Welsh had a 12 point gap on us and the year before's matches were cricket scores

So who knows - the return fixture across the bridge in early May might just see us beating them for a change.

As for non work and sport related things - March has been the month for Spring like things and Hand Applique

Our bird feeders are very popular, not least amongst the Goldfinch population

They queue up to get onto their favourite feeder

Some of them wait in the tree over our fence

Others line up on my washing line, but I haven't managed to get a shot of the full queue yet

The sunflower hearts are very popular

As for applique.................

I'm ready to start the next round on Caroline's quilt - the corner flowers on this round are finished - not sure what was tickling my quilt holder

But an even better and bigger finish than that.................

'Berry Baskets' is a completed top!!!!


It is too large to manage a complete photo in the conservatory - it had been raining outside and I wasn't chancing getting it muddy - so here we have it in 4 parts:

One of these days I might just count up all those berries :o) I wouldn't mind a pound for each of them

I feel quite sad now it's finished - it's been just the thing to get me back into the swing of things


Amanda said...

Your berry baskets top looks lovely, but what a lot of work appliqueing all of those tiny berries. Our neighbours up the road get goldfinches on their feeder, but they haven't ventured as far as our garden yet. Perhaps we're not putting their favoured food out for them.

Sew Create It - Jane said...

I love the tree of goldfinches...we have a few that visit the feeder, but it still a little early in our parts to see them.

*Love* your berry quilt!! It is stunning with all it's appliqué. Well Done!

gill said...

welcome back anne - you've been missed
a pity about the rugby but welsh teams like to think they're hard (interpret that how you will!!) both my boys play and will vouch for this
i love the puppy - we too have a new black lab puppy - ours is a female born december and called spndle!


sewkalico said...

Your quilts are amazing! I would love to know how many berries there are, but I'm not sure I would want count them myself :-)

Sorry to hear the rugby score, but I'm sure you must be proud of Sarah nonetheless!

Clare said...

Look at the size of those paws! Finley is going to be one big Black Hoover.

I always feel sad when I've finished the top of a quilt. You put so much in to it that you feel a part of your life has been used up (sigh).

AnnieO said...

Congrats to your girl for the big match--fantastic showing. Love your quilts but wouldn't know how many hours you'd have to spend counting all the berries! Glad you are back stitching and have the dreaded inspection at work behind you. Enjoy your spring!

Nines said...

Nice to see you out again! Wow that's a LOT of berries. I cannot even imagine.

Quilts And Pieces said...

Finley is adorable. And wow you shared some really fun quilts! Sorry to hear your daughters team didn't win. But it looks like it was a nice day.

loulee said...

Berry baskets is amazing. How you found the patience to sew on all those berries is beyond me. Happy Easter.

Libby said...

How fabulous your Berry Baskets are - oh how it makes me smile! And a hearty welcome to little Finley - wouldn't he and Daisy have a fun time at play *s*

Andrea said...

I can NOT imagine appliquing all those berries but then you know applique and I do not get on too well. Both quilt tops are absolutely stunning as usual. Nice to catch up on your news.

kwilta said...

Oh Anne 'Berry baskets' is definitely a 'Ribbon winner'- are you entering it in any of the shows. You deserve it for all the amount of beautiful work you,ve put in there.

Jeanne said...

Oh, Anne, I can't IMAGINE appliqueing that many berries in my whole life!!! Wonderful work.
Good to see you back ~ Jeanne

Tanya said...

Berry Baskets is beautiful!!! What a lot of work! And next a Round Robin. I'm not sure I'd be able to do a whole border of someone else's quilt. Good t see your fingers are busy!