Saturday, December 28, 2013

I really love ..................

............... complex quilts

Those made with lots of little pieces,

those with stunning applique,

medallion style quilts that give something different with each round you add

but sometimes you just need some speedy almost instant gratification

Big blocks very quickly turn into fast quilts

Here all the pieces laid out - strips 2.5 inches wide

will turn into blocks like this that measure 14 inches finished

With decent sized sashing you only need 12 of these for a double bed sized quilt

Which is just as well as Sarah's old room is in need of just such a thing to turn it into a cosy guest room to welcome her and other visitors

Finally - how cute is this pot - my dear work colleague gave me it for Christmas - it came with 4 useful reels of thread in - just the right size for keeping my scissors and rotary cutters to hand


Melanie said...

Have fun...I have always want to do this pattern. Can't wait to see your finish.

sewkalico said...

This looks like it's going to be lovely