Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Quilts make great Christmas presents.................

............. for nieces and nephews

Nigel's sister has a boy and two girls who we always buy for each Christmas

This year with only me earning and a general belt-tightening operation in place I decided that using up what I had in my stash already to make them each a quilt would keep me busy, taking my mind off the various issues that have troubled our family this year, and make cost-neutral gifts for them

The boy will be 13 in May and I did wonder if tractor fabric might be a bit childish for him but his paternal granddad passed away a couple of years ago and tractors are something they enjoyed sharing so maybe it's not as 'young' as it might have originally seemed

For utility type quilts I generally revert to a large meander pattern for the quilting - quick, simple and does the job

But I decided to work this tractor quilt in a water ripple type pattern just for a change - it was fun to do and I like the effect

The older girl is 9 - the blue and lilac scrappy blocks, which were just the product of a 'use up scraps while doing some mindless stitching' session, have been set into white to give a smart and fairly sophisticated design

The younger girl is 8 so the multi-coloured triangle blocks are a fun addition to her bedroom

Their mum told Nigel this morning that they all loved their quilts when their grandparents delivered them for us yesterday

Everybody happy - result!


Ali Honey said...

Well done. Those are all lovely gift quilts - lucky kids.
Happy New Year. May 2014 be a ( good ) better one for you all.

sewkalico said...

Fabulous gifts! So much work to give someone a quilt so I'm glad they're being loved.