Thursday, June 14, 2007

Something nice in the post

I've had a fairly stitch free few days - work has been hectic and Nige has been away for most of the week (he's in Madrid overnight tonight for example) so the taxi driving has been down to me - in the end I've been just too whacked to concentrate on anything creative

I did put the stars together but can't decide what fabric to use for the border - plus I don't like cutting long borders so put off doing them as long as I can - next to sandwiching it's my least favourite job

I've also been cracking on with the blue stitchery work I showed you in my new basket - first half done, second half to start, but I want to keep that as a surprise until it's completely stitched

However I thought I'd give you a visual treat

Here is the very first quilty postcard I've ever received - it's been sent inside a plastic sleeve to keep it from any post office sorting machine sabotage so there is a bit of sheen and reflection in the picture

McIrish Annie asked me for the instructions for my confetti quilt

I sent her them plus a little pin keeper in the snail mail and had this lovely postcard in return

Thank you Annie, it is beautiful and made in my mostest bestest favouritest colour too - how did you guess?

I've not succombed to the postcard making bug yet - but who knows...................


Tanya said...

Some bloggers show such lovely quilted postcards that I think I'd like to try it too. "I've not yet succumbed" it about the way I've been feeling too.

Guðrún said...

It is at least a step to put the stars together. You don´t have much energy left when work is so hectic.

meggie said...

I was lucky & got a postcard from Quilt Pixie. I was so thrilled. I find them intriguing.
Yours is beautiful.

ancient one said...

That is a cute card. I never knew about fabric post cards until I started reading blogs. ~ann

Lily said...

Oh I love that postcard too!

Tracey @ozcountryquiltingmum said...

I remember seeing that 'in progress". Lucky you! Tracey

Libby said...

Now that's a real treat to find in your mailbox *s*