Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The bear gets new trousers and I get some lovely post

On Friday evening Louise 'found' some turquoise ribbon lurking around the house - I say 'found' and take the opportunity to quote my father who always used to say to us as we announced that we'd found something we wanted to purloin 'You found it before it was lost'
'This is nice, can I have it?'
I had no immediate purpose for it so relented and gave it to her
'If I find some fabric,' (something else that wasn't lost I might add) 'can we make a pair of trousers for this bear?'
So here we are - one bear, some turquoise fabric, the ribbon and my brand new pinking shears (needed an excuse to try them out and pinked edges don't need neatening so at least I didn't have to change from my straight stitch plate on the machine)
Ten minutes later one smart(ish) bear in baggy drawstring trousers (well I was working without a pattern!) and one happy ten year old
The things we do for our kids
The postman brought me some lovely fabric from Angela who quilts in Cornfields in the US - and what a gorgeous card - that would adapt beautifully into a stitchery pattern
This fabric was a swap for my circular Christmas stitchery pattern and had been delayed as her daughter (much smaller than mine I might add) had acquired it to use as a tent for her soft toys - Bless! I can't begin to imagine the negotiations mum may have had here to reclaim it :o)
As for my plaid stitchery project - here we are with some more progress made
I've gone for lots of little proverbs and sayings worked in stitchery on the cream areas
Next I reckon 'Flying Geese'
Back to the cutting board...................


Cathi said...

What a great quilt you did :) I definitely have to add more stitchery projects onto my list. Love the sampler feel with the alphabet and numbers, and the quotes in the corners!

Cute bear project too! Kids can get us to do just about anything :)

Doodlebug Gail said...

The quilt turned out really well ... not that I had any doubt that it would! What a smart looking bear .... and I get that all the time "this is nice can I (or Piglet/Tangles/Ginger etc) have it".

Karen said...

What a fun post, Anne (nice pants, there, teddy!)

atet said...

Teddy's pants are wonderful (and yes, the things we do for our children -- we won't talk about the fairy dress I've got a request in for right now).

I'm so glad the package got to you (finally) and so quickly! Woo Hooo. I didn't have to do much to get the little one to give up the tent (though I did have to iron the fabric before I sent it out) -- I just had to replace it with another piece of fabric :0). I hope you enjoy it!

And that stitchery quilt is looking BEAUTIFUL!

meggie said...

Cute Pants!
I love that quilt! Love it.

Lindah said...

Anne, your little stitchery quilt is so charming!

Smart looking little bear!

Marcie said...

Your stitchery just keeps getting cuter! I love all the little verses. How clever that you can whip up pants for Teddy! Adorable!

Clare said...

Lovely stitchery, comme d'habitude.

Teddy is looking very smart!

julieQ said...

Cute pants for the bear! Your stitchery quilt turned out so beautiful.

Cascade Lily said...

My oh my Anne you have been busy! First off, I love the 4 Seasons winter quilt you made - a lucky, lucky owner - Nigel is right!

The plaid stitchery quilt is very cute too.

And so is ted. Yup, the things we do for our kids!

Carole said...

Yes, the things we do for our children! Your plaid quilt is lovely! Nice little goodies too! Keep well!

Carol E. said...

The bear is adorable, and I love the quilt! You're so talented.

Tanya said...

Your plaid quilt is so lovely. And the sayings you've picked out are so heartwarming. I love the way the border triangles are intermixed with the cream! A real artist at work!

Lynda (Granny K) said...

It is looking terrific! I bet you are having a great time with this quilt.

Jeanne said...

I'm just loving your plaid stitchery quilt! It's fun that you're making it up as you go along. You inspired me to get out my current basket stitchery piece and finish it up!

weirdbunny said...

This is fantastic !