Thursday, January 31, 2008

Heading off topic!

Talking about Louise in my last post I thought I'd make you smile and just share this with you

This collection of part filled drinks bottles were retrieved from her bedroom the other night.

She has a high level bed with a sofa arrangement underneath which can be pulled out to make a double bed to accomodate occasional visitors.

On the wall above her head are two short shelves which she tends to keep the odd special soft toy (or seven!) and any books she might wish to dip into before she settles down to sleep

She is, by nature, the untidiest little monkey imaginable and so these shelves are somewhat higgledy piggledy to err on the cautious side.

I find it totally impossible to physically clamber up onto her bed, my rock climbing days are long gone, so Sarah always does the mountaineering for sheet changing etc. As a result this whole area is a bit of a 'no-go area'

When Nige and I looked in on her the other night on our way to bed we spotted several drinks containers up there from previous evenings when she'd taken a drink to bed with her in case she was thirsty.

The next morning I stood over her (well under her actually if you look at the geographical layout literally) while she passed down not one, not two, but EIGHT part filled drinks bottles.

To make matters worse most of them had diluted squash/cordial in - totally verboten!

'How many times do I have to remind you to look after those teeth - you won't get another set!!!!' She knows she should only have plain water after she's cleaned her teeth before bed!

Mind you I really shouldn't be at all surprised - her bedroom should actually carry a government health and safety warning both from a clutter point of view and for what the unsuspecting victim might just catch by venturing in past the doorway!

The major miracle in all this was how all of these precariously balanced bottles had managed not to fall off onto her head and render her unconscious.

My goodness - if she's like this at almost 11 whatever will she be like when she goes away to Uni?!?!?!?

Back onto quiltier things - I've made little progress over the past day or two - far too busy at work calculating predictions for the end of year and preliminary preparations for next year's budget - and after all girls how many interesting photos can you post of a pile of cut squares of fabric which is about all I've accomplished so far this week. However I did get the label and hanging sleeve onto my winter Four Seasons quilt and wrap it up to take to the Post Office today - Last Minute Larry as usual!

Never mind - maybe tonight I can start stitching those flying geese.


de vliegende koe said...

Ohh, between 11 and Uni are some years to go. I love it when little girls are a bit naughty!

Dawn said...

Sorry, but your story cracked me up! Sounds like any 11 year old girl!

Andrea said...

My Jess was so untidy from age 10 to 16 - she is a bit better now. I used to open her door and feel like crying. She would throw nothing away - stones, old feathers, paper scraps - you name it. She would shout at me if I tidied it so I learned to just quietly shut the door and walk away.

Sew Create It - Jane said... sure our daughters aren't related?! My DD1 is just as bad. We had the mountaineering bed here too, but gave it up for something a little closer to the ground when she started bumping her head on the ceiling! Good luck with the number crunching!

Fiona said...

Well, this cheers me up no end. Reminds me of when I thought I was getting a bit short of towels in the airing cupboard - went into my daughter's room and found no less than 20 towels in there that she couldn't be bothered to put back on the towel rail after she'd had a bath.

Libby said...

Oh boy - does that bring back memories. When The Princess left home we thought we may have to hire a backhoe to remove the rubble she left behind in that bedroom. I certainly feared for the health and safety of others when she ventured out into the world. Good news! She was only a little dirt collector at home and lives just as neat as a pin. Makes me smile to know I really did rub off on her after all *s*

YankeeQuilter said...

I was sooo like your daughter when I was her age. I shared a room with my sister and she swears I had more books under my bed than the local library had on the shelves! Amazingly my dorm room at uni was immaculate. Not sure what happened but just to let you know there is hope!

Clare said...

Do you know that Alex has got 2 bedrooms - one winter and one summer. Both are full to overflowing and I can't even get in there! Clothes, books and, like Fiona, towels everywhere! A clean towel for each time she washes her hair - OMG were we like that?

meggie said...

She does seem like all 11 year old girls.
I long ago knew there would never be bunk beds of any type in my kids lives. A friend had them, & almost killed herself trying to make them. She once fractured an arm when she fell from the top bunk, so she got rid of them!
Her sons were grumpy but they soon learned to be happy!

DubiQuilts - Debbi said...

Such a funny story! My son Billy should have the same warning on the door of his room.

weirdbunny said...

Those bottles are like all the empty coffee cups next to my bed !