Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Bits of this and that.............

My sewing machine and I have been somewhat estranged over the past couple of weeks.

Partly because I've been here and there over the holiday period and partly because I just didn't feel inspired to sit at it after all that hurried completion of Christmas gifts.
So my interaction with fabric has been either constructive or destructive over the holidays.
On the constructive front, having completed the top for my winter offering for the Four Seasons Swap my mind turned to spring and, to me, the most potent symbol - the Daffodil
I started to work on embroidering Wordworth's Daffodils, one of my favourite poems and funnily enough I stitched some of it not far from his home in Grasmere when I was staying with my sister in Ambleside
I now need to locate some daffodil fabric to use on this project but have come up with nothing really suitable so far.
I've been lucky enough to be given tickets for a craft fair in Exeter this weekend from a blogger who won them but who also lives in the Lake District so is unable to travel down to use them. I shall keep my eyes peeled and see if I can find something suitable there.
As for the destructive side on many evenings I had the urge to feel fabric but felt no inclination to stitch something so ended up cutting up all the garments I'd been collecting over probably the past year to eighteen months from local charity shops
This is the mammoth pile of usable fabric - what treasure!
Finally this morning before I headed off for work I reacquainted myself with my machine and made a start on quilting my winter quilt.
'Hello machine, it's good to be back!'


Juliann in WA said...

So what do they have at a craft faire? Quilts too? No shows here until March which feels like a long way off.

Screen Door said...

Beautiful shade of green on the daffodil piece--- Cutting up the old clothes-- a goldmine of new fabrics. Good Job.

Tanya said...

Your projects look great! Thinking spring already. Good for you! Your winter quilt is going to be a beauty too!

Deb said...

Your winter quilt looks great! Can't wait to see it finished!

meggie said...

Anne, you make me smile! Even though you have not been sewing you still get things done!! LOL.
Daffodils is one of my favourite poems, & flowers. Unluckily, one of my sons is allergic to them, so I could never fill my house with the cheap buckets full we could pick when we lived in Christchurch!

Clare said...

Would you believe that the first daffodil popped up just before Christmas!

"Daffodil's" is going to be lovely.