Thursday, February 21, 2008

Doesn't time fly when you're having fun?

I just can't believe it's ten days since I posted - how the time has flown
Lots of reasons.........................

Sarah had a deadline of last Friday for her Food Technology project - so she monopolised the computer somewhat up to then - it's an enormous relief to her to complete this project - and to us now that we can stop nagging her to come off MSN and do something productive. I guess the mad rush at the end, albeit a painful experience, might well have taught her a little bit about the importance of pacing herself and making regular progress - let's hope so :o) Btw thanks to everyone for the good wishes about her elbow - she's had ultrasound on it from the club physio and it's much better - she might not be quite back to playing for her club on Sunday but should be fit for regional training again the weekend after.
Also I was proper poorly at the end of last week ( a nasty gastric flu type bug which really laid me low) - I even ended up taking Friday off work and leaving my Finance Officer to finish off the budget calculations alone (with her encouragement I might add - she could see how ill I was on the Thursday) - so I virtually lost three days sleeping the time away in bed.
Then of course it's been half term holidays this week.
What was intended to be a week chilling and recuperating from a busy term has turned into the usual 'Lets fit in all those jobs we don't get done during term time' melee. Dental appointments, haircuts, shopping trips, Lou's birthday celebration on Saturday etc etc etc - the list goes on..... However we did manage to buy Sarah's prom dress in readiness for her School Prom in June so that's another major task off the main list for the year (Phew!!!!!!!!!!!)
I have managed to slip into one or two of your blogs along the way and comment but not managed to write in my own.
Supermom who organises the Four Seasons Quilt Swap is also running a Spring Fling Round Robin which I've signed up for
Here's my centre 8" square
I'm looking forward to what I shall have to work on next
Speaking of Four Seasons Quilt Swap - the swap is now open for those of you who want to sign up for the Spring round - I've sent in my email
Although I've not been on the computer much I have been stitching away in the evenings and here are some of the results
The two hearts are surprises for two little girls whose mum reads this post so I've covered their names
And the 'bless this house' stitchery is just for fun - not sure what I'll do with it yet but I'm sure I'll find an application for it somewhere
I also drummed up a wonky house and three string blocks for Bonnie - so I'll pop those in the post over the next day or two
And last but not least we finally got round to joining our local lending library (after only two and a half years at this address) mainly at Louise's behest so we've now all got something new to read - another mission accomplished
If only I could find a few more hours in the day really!


katelnorth said...

Nice centre piece - not sure what i am going to do yet, but will get to it soon - after half term, probably. Oh, and if you do find where to get extra hours in the day, let me know, will you?

Libby said...

Wow - it looks like you are accomplishing plenty in the hours we already have *s* I can't wait to see the Round Robin pieces as they make their way around - lots of fun.

meggie said...

I just love that 8"patch. Your stitcheries all look lovely.

Glad you are over the gastric probs.

Clare said...

Glad your tum is better. Nothing worse that being ill when the kids are on holiday. Don't talk to me about MSN. Alex breaks up today for 2 weeks - bang goes my computer time!

Gorgeous stitcheries and how come we aren't allowed to see your house for Bonnie?

Tanya said...

Your stitchery is lovely and I love the little flowers on the Spring Fling Round Robin!