Friday, February 29, 2008

Squeaked in by the skin of my teeth

I did it!

I got my February bag done yesterday afternoon when I came home from work. Yippee!

Tomorrow the instructions come out for the March design which I really like from looking at the sneak preview pictures.

I enjoyed making this one from the February design even though I decided against embellishment as suggested in the instructions.

Of course I can tell I rushed it - the handles are on the wrong way round (with the seams showing to the outside) I didn't try to match up the doll levels on each side so they're a good inch or so adrift and I didn't think about placing the pattern very cleverly so the dolls' legs fold under the base of the bag - probably saying a prayer or two for people to use less plastic carrier bags.

But it was good fun and the instructions were so straightforward I might make it again sometime.

Nigel went back to work yesterday for a big get-together of all his suppliers and was absolutely fine.

He's left already this morning but will endeavour to get an early bath today and not push his luck too much

It's a rugby weekend for us this weekend - no 6 nations matches to watch on the tv but Sarah has regional training in the morning and then we have free tickets to watch Exeter Chiefs v Pertemps Bees in the afternoon.

Sunday will be very busy, again with the rugby, but this time I'll be less watching and more catering as our club has thrown us off the ground for our home fixture as the Boys tournament they organised after we had already booked the club is deemed more important - still a great deal of male chauvinism in the rugby world but we're converting them slowly or trying at least.

We've hired the pitch at Sarah's school instead and I'm doing Jacket Potatoes and fillings for about 80 as we have two visiting U15s teams and one U18s team to play hosts to as well as feed our own girls.

Wish me luck - I'm working all this magic in the Domestic Science (or should that be Food Technology nowadays) classroom - hopefully with lots of assistance from some of the other parents.

I shall be going back to work next week for a rest!


Cascade Lily said...

Fortunately it's a leap year Anne! It looks very big - great for all those groceries!

Good luck with the jacket potatoes - that's a whole lotta potatoes!!

Sew Create It - Jane said...

Very nice bag Anne.

Good luck with the spuds. I'm sure you'll do just fine! Have a great weekend.

Clare said...

Lovely bag, despite the, according to you, seams, but you did do it in a rush (or so you say LOL).

I still call it Domestic Science and that gets me "you what!" looks with English kids. It's our age me dear. Good luck with all those spuds. You are a brave woman.

dot said...

What a nice bag. It's still February so you are safe. Have a good day.

jason said...
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jason said...
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Libby said...

Sounds like you will have your hands full feeding the masses *s* Would have never noticed the handles on the bag - looks great from here.

julieQ said...

I like your bag! Great looking one for February. Hope your husband is still continuing to recover well.

Nettie said...

I like how you used the pattern of the fabric for this bag. Very cute and useful looking.

Karol-Ann said...

Well done you did it! And of course GOOD luck!

YankeeQuilter said...

The bag looks great! I made several similar ones with friends last week so we could have something fun to substitute for the plastic bags. I used mine on Saturday and got a few grins! Glad to hear Nigel is doing well.