Thursday, March 27, 2008

More finishes and further developments

I definitely have an attack of heart fever.

This coupled with my new cutting/pressing unit has increased my output somewhat.
Karen was absolutely delighted with her blue and cream version and it has spurred her on to redecorate her bedroom to match.
This pastel one went to Pam at work who lost her mum at Christmas.
And the sand version here was given to Trish, the lady who does the other half of the secretarial/admin function at work with me - my work other half.
Everyone was pleased and I had just as much pleasure making and giving.
I've two more just waiting for the handstitching on the binding and they will go to Karol-Ann on her return from South Africa and to Clare in the Dordogne - I'm not showing you them yet as I don't want to spoil their surprises.
I have a lilac one part appliqued and a green plaid one awaiting sandwiching - a veritable production line and I thought just what fun it would be to try a completely different version
So pulling out some hand dyes, which were originally terracotta and turquoise but overdyed with black ,I pieced a chequerboard centre and used this awesome rainbow batik for the contrast - I shall do multicoloured hearts and binding to complete it - just because I can!
The beauty of trialling something this small is even if you hate it at the end it hasn't taken up loads of time or yards of fabric.
I think this one might just end up being called Joseph's Multicoloured Hearts! :o)


Andrea said...

These are really lovely - especially the pastel one I think. Your friends are lucky ladies !

jovaliquilts said...

I love seeing a series -- so interesting how the look changes! I think the pastel may be my favorite so far, but I'm curious what your new version will look like once it's appliqued.

Juliann in WA said...

That dyed piece is really lovely. You are a busy, kind-hearted gal!

Dawn said...

I take that back - I LOVE the tan and cream one!

Clare said...

Goodness Mrs B you are a fast worker. I'm going to have to get that fabric out of hibernation!

I love love love the dyed piece - i t sings!