Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Back home for a rest!


What a terrific weekend!

Never having been away on tour with a bunch of 29 potentially hormonal teenage girls I can honestly say I was totally dreading it - but totally without any reason as we all had a terrific time
I haven't any pictures to show you as our camera is on its last legs and doesn't want to go out to play - it's all I can do is to get it to work in the house close to its power supply
The girls (and sometimes us leaders) did loads of great activities, archery, quadbiking, high ropes (I passed on that one ladies!) and it was wonderful for gelling the two teams and the leaders together
We then had rugby matches on the way home at Oakmeadians club in Bournemouth - the U18s won their match 41 - 7 (Sarah got 6 of those points with three conversions) and the U15s won one match 15 - 5 (only their second win of the season) and lost the other to a very strong host team - so an exhilirating end to a terrific weekend
Thank goodness I'm still on holiday from school this week - I came home so exhausted I haven't even picked up any handstitching since!
I did take a little pre-prepared sewing with me in case I found a little window of spare time to myself - yeah right!!!
This is the miniscule amount of applique I got done and that was at 4am on the Saturday morning because I couldn't sleep having had coffee and coca-cola too late on Friday evening which woke me up in the middle of the night!
I did come home to two lovely packages in return for little heart quilts
This selection is from Clare - love the two mauve florals in the front - they have white swirls on them and as I've just had another big length of white-on-white brought me from the States by a friend I can see them becoming a little girls cot quilt I think
Then these two photos are the selection sent by Karol-Ann
Lovely shwe-shwe blues - they're to die for, or should that read dye for?
And other bits and bobs - the zebras are so sweet
On another note I had a lovely visitor on Friday afternoon
Hedgehog was in Exeter on a work conference for a few days and we arranged for her to travel up to Taunton for a cuppa and a quilty chat
I totally forgot to take any photos - but here she is with Kate at the V&A after she'd left the West Country heading London bound
It was really lovely to spend some time with someone who's as dotty about quilting as me - I'd love to welcome her again if she's ever back in these parts another year if she could put up with my bouncy kids!
I gave her the lilac heart quilt as a memento of her visit
The funniest thing was before heading to the station DD1 Sarah gave me a very stern lecture about the dangers of meeting people whose acquaintance you've made on the internet - and I quote "You always tell us not to arrange to meet up with people we've talked to on the internet, what if she's an axe murderer?"
I told this to Hedgehog when I collected her at the station and she told me that her fellow delegates had also asked her what they should do if she didn't return.
We had a good laugh about it together and of course underneath this is a very serious message - however I can declare that we both kept our axes firmly restrained in our handbags!


Karol-Ann said...

Glad it all arrived safe and sound. Thanks again for my great quilt!

The Calico Cat said...

Laurie Ann ("Quilt Rush") & I had the same conversation when we met when she came to Maryland last year.

Love those blues!

Joyce said...

Beautiful fabrics. I have never met any of my quilting friends in person although a couple of them live fairly close. Maybe it's the axe thing that keeps me from trying to meet them in person. Lol.

loulee1 said...

Glad to hear you had a great time and you both survived the experience. LOL

Libby said...

I had the same thoughts when traveling to meet Judy (QuiltingWithRagdolls) last year. All turned out well - I guess axe murders really wouldn't take the time to make quilts *s* Why spend money on an axe when we can buy fabric.

katelnorth said...

Now see, we were a little more careful with our meeting - we arranged to meet in a very public place and I brought three kids along - most axe murderers probably wouldn't...

McIrish Annie said...

I agree with Kate! I doubt that axe murderers have kidlets in tow! LOL How wonderful to meet Hedgehog! and lots of lovely fabrics.

Cascade Lily said...

Maybe a new line of miniature axe quilts? :D

So glad you met Jen - such a small quilting world. And the high wire? My goodness Anne!

Glad you've got another week to recover :)

Clare said...

I've got a lot more to send you, but you'll have to wait as major expenditure at the moment healthwise.

Glad the week went well, despite the caffine intake. It does that to me too.

On the way up to Tonya's I suddenly thought what happens if we don't get on and I'm stuck there for 3 days! Luckily we did hit it off (well I hope we did LOL) and I didn't see any axe's hidden anywhere.

Karen said...

Good thing you and Hedgehog both behaved yourself :-). Sounds like a wonderful time with all those teen-agers, well done!

Nursedude said...

I've been given the same warning about meeting rugby fans and players through the Blogosphere...But then, maybe your daughter knows what a wild bunch the quilters can be!
Glad you had such a nice trip! Cheers!

meggie said...

I somehow doubt quilty folk could be axe murderers, & it would be rather hard to fake quilting knowledge!
Lucky you, glad the weekend went so well. For Sarah too.