Monday, January 05, 2009

But not just pink...........

I've been acutely aware over Christmas that I was behind with my Birthday Blocks - especially naughty as I received mine in and around August - I actually did only receive nine of my promised eleven but that's no excuse for not fulfilling my obligations.
You might remember the crazy hexagon I made before Christmas in the British summer colours of sand and aqua.
Well I then had to make a New York Beauty for Margaret which should have gone out to her during November - the spikes which look like pink in this photo are in fact red so a sort of pink free zone here.
and a yellow and blue block for Terri which was a December block posted out a few days late. - no pink here either
I'm definitely not a fan of curved piecing.
The applique blue and yellow block was like falling off a log for me except I tacked a circle around the circumference of a plate to use for the guideline for my placement. This was fine until I realised that eventually, once I'd got a good amount of the pieces done, the applique would sit outside the 12" block size. A quick lesson of unstitching and re-positioning required!
The NYB was a pig - I don't do accurate curves at all, strange when I used to do a lot of dressmaking with set-in sleevesm but I've obviously lost that knack down the years - in the end after wrestling with the centre quadrant for some time I resorted to appliqueing the outer curve onto the background - cheating - but the end result turned out okay.
I do have another NYB block to do for a later month - I think I can categorically state here and now that the block I've still to do will be the very last NYB block I ever tackle :o(
Pink will have to return to the stitching table though. I have a selection of pink and green QST blocks to do to go with the pink flowers for the baby quilt.
So not out of the Pink clutches yet it seems.


sewkalico said...

Lovely blocks. You are the applique guru! (even on NYB's LOL)

Red Geranium Cottage said...

Wonderful blocks. Man those look hard though.

black bear cabin said...

That NYB is gorgeous...i love the colors!
As for curves, how could you say you hate are a master at them! all your applique is evidence of that :)

Libby said...

I think I'm going to take on the NYB sometime soon. I'm hoping to find a foundation to piece with . . . . save myself the trouble of making it all fit with the skills I possess. Yours looks great - an inspiration *s*

Jeanne said...

New York Beauty is my 'someday' once-in-a-lifetime heirloom goal. I'm still working myself up to it :)

Rose Marie said...

YOur applique is gorgeous .... I should know, I have some of it here with me! :o)

Margaret aka Supermom said...

I can safely say that the mariner's compass (choke, choke) was one of my least favorite blocks to make!! :-) All's fair in love & quilting-
BTW, would love to see a picture of all the compasses you got. Did you get all you were due?