Monday, January 05, 2009

There's a bit of a pink theme going on here

If you hop over to Lynda's blog you could be forgiven for thinking that there's a great deal of pink in the air
I feel a tendency towards this colour lately at Chez Bebbs
Pink's not a colour I generally gravitate towards but quilting has a funny way of pushing you in directions you least expect
First of all there was the SFRR2 quilt I finished off for Margaret
You could say there was a distinct hint of pink in this
Then one of the teachers where I work commissioned me to make a couple of placemats for a Christmas present for her mother whose kitchen is green and pink

Once they were finished I received my SFRR2 quilt which also has a definite leaning towards the pink part of the spectrum - even DD2's PJs are pink!
And finally one of Sarah's rugby team-mates from last year is expecting a baby in March. She is only 17 and sadly, although her rugby career was very promising, young love diverted her off course and much to her parents' disappointment she has given up college and her sport to set up home with her boyfriend of a similar age. They now await that great step into parenthood this spring with precious little money and the less than ideal domestic arrangements of living with his grandmother.
All babies need a quilt. I already have a 'blue' themed cot quilt completed so I thought I'd hedge my bets and make a pink one too so I have something suitable for the baby's arrival. Sorry the colour's not that good on this picture.
With rugby still in mind last summer Sarah took her Level One Rugby Coaching qualification and her Rugby Referee qualification.
Because playing the game is her first love she has not yet had the opportunity to actually referee a proper game.
Until yesterday that is............
Her thumb is healing beautifully, the pot came off on December 19th and she is almost back to full usage - she will be back to full contact rugby before the end of the month, probably another 3 weeks or so.
But yesterday as she couldn't play she reffed a triangular fixture between the Taunton Fillies U15s and their Exeter and Plymouth counterparts - she was very nervous but actually once she got into it she thoroughly enjoyed the experience even though she still says she'd prefer to be actually playing
I have it on good authority that PINK is THE colour for all the best dressed referees this season - well at least their shorts and socks although I'm not sure I can see this catching on for the Guinness Premiership :o)))


loulee1 said...

Yep! You went pink!
Love the beginnings of the baby quilt.


I once went on a course and was told by the tutor that the English speaking world was the only one that had a word for pink. Other languages use light red or something similar. He also went on to say it's the only colour that we give a name to that is a primary or secondary mixed with white. And, basically, why and we should all call it light red from now on. I certainly don't agree with him and I have no way of checking if he is right or wrong, because I don't speak many other languages, but it's interesting. I like pink in small doses - it's fun!

Nancy said...

I'm so glad you're making a quilt for that baby. What a hard road this young family has ahead of them.

Jeanne said...

All the pinks are nice. I especially like the placemats.
Reffing, hmmm, that's an interesting idea. Playing is fun, but less injuries with reffing.
Jeanne :)

sewkalico said...

Aha, I see what you're up to now! How good of you to make Sarah's friend a quilt. Gosh 17! I couldn't imagine it. Glad it's not Sarah!!!

(At Chez Hewgill we are off the pink as you know!!!)

meggie said...

Some lovely work there! I love pink, but find I have very little of it in my stash, & do not use it often! All the babies I know of lately have been males, too. Apart from our neighbours, who have twin girls!! LOL.

Julie said...

I am glad to hear her thumb is almost completely back to normal.

Clare said...

Oh I do love Sarah's shorts and they go spectacularly well with the yellow shirt! Glad her thumb is slowly but surely healing.

OMG - 17!!!!!! Doesn't bear thinking about. I can imagine the parents' reaction.

Clare said...

Oh I do love Sarah's shorts and they go spectacularly well with the yellow shirt! Glad her thumb is slowly but surely healing.

OMG - 17!!!!!! Doesn't bear thinking about. I can imagine the parents' reaction.

Libby said...

Love all the pink - looks so sweet and refreshing. Of course none of it ever seems to make in my stash - but I sure enjoy seeing it make it way into the projects of others.

Sew Create It - Jane said...

Wow - pink pink pink! I can't escape it!

Love the quilts...your work is always so beautiful.

Nancy said...

I hated pink growing up, but as my becomes more white, I find the pink gives me a little needed color. I love the floral blocks for the baby quilt and agree, that little one needs a quilt. Poor parent-children. I guess there but for the grace of God go any of us parents. Glad to hear Sarah's thumb is healing well. It's so hard to wait out the healing process for an athlete during their season.

Red Geranium Cottage said...

Love pink!!! One of my favorite colors.

Nursedude said...

Anne, Good on your daughter for getting her referee certification. I refereed football(soccer) and wrestling at the high school level in the states. It's a great way to be a student of the game. Sometimes the parents can be a bit much, though. I hope nobody gives her too hard of a time.