Thursday, January 15, 2009

Total glee!!!!!

Last Sunday Sarah and I spent a chilly windy afternoon near Plymouth in Devon watching her team mates trial for the Regional squad. Because of her thumb Sarah will trial on 25th at the first Regional training session. She should be assured a place as she's an existing member of the accelerated talent group but we're not counting our chickens yet.
The wonderful outcome of the afternoon was that 6 of the 8 girls from our club at her age group who trialled have been selected - this is a huge step up from last year when 3 were selected and Sarah was the only one to go with the final squad to the National Championships in Lichfield.
As you can imagine, for a girl who lives, eats and breathes rugby, all this standing on the sidelines, keeping a smile on her face and cheering on her team mates has proved a huge personal challenge and character building exercise for her.
But last night Sarah got the chance to get back on the pitch for her first training session in 7 weeks
I wish I could have captured on film the enormous Cheshire Cat grin on her face as, covered in mud, she walked through the door with her father last night after training
I guess this picture gives you a little flavour
The mucky little pup!!!
As for sewing - very slow on that front as we've been wielding paintbrushes in any spare time we've had endeavouring to get my parents' flat ready for their move in about 5 weeks time - progress is slow but sure - we WILL be finished in time.
I have managed to sneak in a few QST blocks to join the appliqued flowers for the baby quilt - but precious little else
Right off to work and then the Salt Mines (or should that read Paint Mines?)


Nancy said...

This baby quilt is precious ALREADY!

(May be a duplicate comment; Blogger is being obstinate this morning.)

Sew Create It - Jane said...

Sarah looks very glad she's been able to get back to the game she loves so quickly...youth, ya can't beat their fast healing can you?!

loulee1 said...

That is one very happy young lady.
The baby quilt will be adorable.

Libby said...

Now that is one happy girl!

Quilts And Pieces said...

Oh Sarah's face just sparkles! I wish her wonderful luck with her tryout turn. And tell her to be careful of that thumb!

julieQ said...

I am proud of your daughter! The mud just adds a bit to the charm. Your baby is so pretty, can't wait to see this one progress along.

sewkalico said...

That gorgeous smile is infectious! I am so pleased she's getting muddy again.
The little quilt is coming on nicely despite everyone's effort to stall you:-)

Nancy said...

So glad to see Sarah so happy, waiting out an injury is very tough for our young athletes. good luck in her trials. And the baby quilt is lovely. Soon the painting will be finished and you can move on to more inviting pursuits.

Jane said...

You really made me smile with the "mucky little pup" comment.
It is one I used to use a lot once. I guess when I was teaching or maybe with friend's kids...but it was so cute to hear it again.
Love it...mucky little

Cascade Lily said...

Well done Sarah!

And that baby quilt will be beautiful. Here's to very little unsewing!

Tanya said...

Congratulations Sarah! Love that happy face!