Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Glass half full................

................ or glass half empty

It is the first day of 2014 here at Chez Bebbs

On the whole, for our family, 2013 has been a year to largely forget

We have been very fortunate to see our gorgeous daughter graduate, join the world of work in a still very turbulent employment market, and settle into her new life on the other side of the country

However the state of the job market was brought home to us very sharply when Nigel was made unemployed in September after 10 years loyal service - a change of management structure sadly seems to often result in staffing changes regardless of a person's qualities and talents - in business nowadays it all seems to be about making quick bucks and high profile changes regardless of long term disadvantages not to mention the effects on those in the firing line - he is still looking for something else - we keep hoping the right thing will come his way soon

Throughout the year our family has said a final goodbye to too many people, some were elderly and had lived full and wonderful lives.  Sadly several others were taken way too soon and never had the chance to fulfil all their potential.  They will all be sadly missed.  Now we anticipate the passing of another of Nigel's cousins who has at 57, out of the blue, been diagnosed with secondary terminal cancer which has spread to her brain and will surely take her in days rather than weeks - so sad

Health issues have dogged family members, Dad's dementia continues to march ever onwards which  makes life often very difficult for Mum and in turn those of us close by as we support them both.  Nick has had a mixed year - enough said - family members a little further out have also been struggling this year.  Now Mum will start off her 2014 with a gynae op which will hopefully go to plan but the potential for the possibility of more sinister problems can't be ruled out until all tests have been completed after the procedure - we trust the amazing medical staff and are keeping our fingers crossed for the best possible outcome whilst coping with caring for Dad as she recuperates

Nige and I have found that our love for each other is the only thing that has kept us going at times, fortunately when one has been down and struggling the other has been able to keep us all buoyant

However when I look at the families this Christmas whose houses have been flooded due to the dreadful weather we're having or those in places like Syria who live in terror under perpetual fire I have to keep reminding myself that I and those close to me have much to be thankful for

The gentle process of cutting pieces of fabric and stitching them back together keeps me sane and gives me relief from the troubles which seem to have dogged our family this last year

When you're in the middle of a project it can often be frustrating to make an error and have to embark on a bit of reverse stitching

Obviously my attention was elsewhere when I laid out the pieces for this block

I could have been annoyed and lost heart with the remedial work needed

But, as luck would have it, the bobbin thread ran out half way through the seam so unpicking was less of a task than it might have been - a silver lining in that particular cloud

So my new mantra for 2014 will be 'always look on the bright side' - from the major troubles that still hover around us right down to a faulty block - things could always be worse

To all of you family and friends near and far lets all make the very best of 2014 and wring out as much as we possibly can from every day

Wishing peace, tranquillity, financial security and good health for you all and may all your cutters remain sharp and your bobbins never run out at an inconvenient moment - happy new year to you all


Lindah said...

I hope there will be many bright moments for you and your family this year.

Sew Create It - Jane said...

Oh Anne...does sound like you've had a rough 2013...hope things start looking up and that 2014 is a better year for you and your family. ((hugs))

Plum Cox said...

wishing you and yours peace, health, happiness and sufficient prosperity in 2014.
Fingers crossed that you have an easier year in 2014 (and that you spot piecing errors this quickly at all times!). xx

mereth said...

I'm sorry that your year was so bad. Our family had a similar litany of horrible things happening, so we'll be glad to start a new year too.I'll be sending good thoughts your way and hope that we both have great things to report this time next year!

Kate North said...

Hope things pick up a bit in 2014. Wishing you all the best :)