Friday, January 03, 2014

To wash................

............ or not to wash, that is the question

If you'll excuse the play on a certain bard's words what do you all do

I virtually never pre-wash fabric

I like the feel and handling of fabric with the dressing in it

and to be honest I'm

a) too impatient as I want to cut into it without waiting for the washing process to be done and

b) too bone idle to do it

However Louise's best friend has a birthday coming up in April and Lou asked me if I'd make her a quilt

Apparently her bedroom is red and white

Uh Oh!!!

How likely is any quilt in those colours to end up various shades of pink if I don't pre-wash the red

And of course as I'm thinking of a scrappy selection of reds that's a lot of red fabric to wash, dry and iron

Speedy blocks with 2" squares chosen by my daughter - I'm getting her trained to pick something mind-numbingly simple rather than something complex for speed and ease for my old brain!

First two blocks done - loads to go as they measure 6" square but quick and fun to put together

And some more Christmas present completions to show you now they've been received by their new owners:

A dinosaur quilt for my 6 year old nephew Spencer

A PINK!! quilt for my 4 year old niece Darcy - both of these have exactly the same layout - incredible how they can look so different just with an alternative fabric placement

and finally a cushion for my gorgeous physio daughter Sarah

Now onwards with all that red and white fabric.............


sewkalico said...

Reds I, from sad experience, always pre wash. Dark solids I do too. In fact last night I sat and ironed a pile I'd prewashed. Very boring this ironing lark ;)

Plum Cox said...

Pre-washing does seem to be the only way to go with red, doesn't it? Good luck, and hope you find something interesting to listen to or watch whilst ironing!
Love the other finishes!

loulee said...

I'm like you, too impatient to prewash.
Reds are not a problem though, once the piece is finished I chuck it in the washer, along with a couple of colour catchers! :-)
Love all your finishes.

Kandy Newton said...

I tend to pre-wash reds (and dark colours)too - having said that if they are in a Moda Jelly Roll, I don't. I'd lose the will to live if I had to iron a whole jelly roll.