Monday, January 06, 2014

Why start just one quilt....................

............. when you can start three?

The red and white blocks are stitching up a dream - a simple design but effective - I need to make this 9 blocks wide by 13 blocks long

Here are the first four rows all stitched together - I'm really enjoying simple stitching and how all those red fabrics are playing so nicely together

The mound of fabric in front of them on our scruffy but incredibly comfortable old sofa is a result of a friend moving house shortly so de-cluttering before they go - 100% cotton bedding all cut into useable fabric - plans already formulating for two of the plains - I can feel more of the red and white blocks but in dark green and dark blue with neutral plains

The teal, red and white quilt I was working on a few days ago with the huge big blocks is now all stitched together and awaiting plain white borders before I sandwich it ready to quilt (picture another day) - not a lover of attaching borders but I just need to man up and get on with it

The third start of the holiday season (you know me - I can never work on just one thing at once) will be a quilt for my gorgeous big girl Sarah - now she is settled in her new lodgings a stone's throw away from the hospital where she works she has a double bed - this circle of friendship stars with owls in the centres will be joined by another 3 or 5 (design still in formulation in my head)

I have a roll of this border fabric which was given to me in a bag of remnants a long time ago when I used to go to a quilting group before I worked Mondays - it's been sitting looking at me asking to be included in something, I think it may be fairly old Laura Ashley fabric but it's cotton and rather pretty - what do you know, the colours match the owl stars - it may end up at some sort of sashing between the star circles

Watch this space

In the spirit of my New Year's Resolution I'm counting my blessings and looking for the bright side of things.  I'm not back at work until tomorrow - it's a teacher training day at my school today and the office staff didn't have to go in

Therefore I have a day at home with no kids (they went back to Sixth Form College this morning) so I have a day at home with my lovely man.  If he weren't unemployed we wouldn't have this special time.  Also his old route to work took him across the Somerset Levels - last year the road was flooded for several weeks meaning an increase in journey time at either end of the day from 20 minutes to a 45 minute commute.  According to those in the know this was a once in a generation occurrence due to unusual weather conditions.  Well would you believe it, the road is flooded again this year and looks like being so for the next few weeks - but as he no longer works in that direction he doesn't have to worry

Clouds and silver linings eh?

Right there are some more red and white blocks calling my name - off to stitch..........


loulee said...

There is always a silver lining.
Happy stitching.

Kate North said...

Love those friendship stars in a circle. Might have to pinch that sometime!

Plum Cox said...

well done for all the positive thinking! Hope that you are carrying on enjoying those little squares - what you've done already is amazing!

Nancy, Near Philadelphia said...

1. LOVING the Friendship Stars!
2. When I think of my life a year ago -- getting told my job was ending -- and what it is today -- two lovely part-time jobs including the job of my dreams and extra time with the sweetie -- I am grateful. I hope that by this time next year, your silver linings are sparkling away.

Sew Create It - Jane said...

That's the spirit Anne! Love the red and white together.. Great combination!