Monday, November 06, 2006

Christmas cometh!

The big day arrives tomorrow!

No you're alright girls - don't panic, not Christmas - the day the builders arrive to start our conservatory.

DH will be home to get them started in the morning, but from then on the supervision will be patchy by me in between working - gulp!

I'm sure they'll be fine - but if I'm not here I can't see that they're getting on with everything according to plan and sort out any problems as they arise.

Never mind DH seems to think this arrangement will work okay so here goes ........... watch this space - the photos show our before photo after DH lifted the existing patio slabs.

The conservatory is a massive financial undertaking for us. (Isn't all building work?) As you look at the back of the house it will stretch from the right hand side of the patio doors along the back of the house for 6.5 metres covering the kitchen window nearly up to the back door out from the utility room and then out from the house 3.5 metres as far as the back line of the garage. It will make a wonderful large extra living space.

When we searched for a house in Taunton a conservatory was a big part of our wish list. Unfortunately none of the houses we viewed ticked every box. The house we bought came closest but didn't have a conservatory so we took the decision to add one ourselves and borrowed extra money to cover the cost.

Not having done our homework quite as thoroughly as we needed to we didn't borrow enough to cover and have taken out additional borrowings for the complete package - after all we'd have looked pretty silly if we couldn't pay for all the glass wouldn't we :o)

So the rest of the household is now on economy drive mode! Belt-tightening is most definitely the order of the day for the foreseeable future

I've taken the decision that everyone will receive homemade presents this year starting with my sister's birthday this month

When Lorna was down in the summer she purloined bits of my old cross stitch fabric etc and started a celtic knotwork design in burgundy on cream to go in her new living room - she loves Scotland and Ireland and is very fond of this type of design

So her birthday present from us will be a couple of cushion covers with the centre pieces of the two knotwork designs you see above which I've merrily stitched this weekend in front of the tv - I shall surround them with a very fine burgundy border (about quarter inch) and then a 2" border of the same cream with fine gold spot

Now I have to decide what to make for the other family members for Christmas - no pressure there then eh!?!


Cathi said...

I'd love a conservatory some day! I think I'll manage a scarf for mom for Christmas, but wish more people appreciated home made gifts!! Those celtic knotworks are lovely.

Screen Door said...

How exciting.. hope it's completed by the holidays.

quiltpixie said...

you'ver choosen beautiful knots for your sister's pillow -- I particularily like the one on the left -- looks like it has hearts in it :-)

joyce said...

We have a sunroom, which is another name for a conservatory I think, and I hand quilt in there every morning. It's lovely, especially in the winter. Your pillows are going to be lovely.

Hedgehog said...

Good luck with the building project! And with the Christmas projects! I love your Celtic knot work.

Doodlebug Gail said...

Good luck with your construction - hope it's all done in time for Christmas. I'm looking forward to seeing progress photo's.

YankeeQuilter said...

The conservatory/sunrooms over here are so nice. We have a big patio but it is not enclosed.

The knotwork is beautiful...handmade is always the nicest.


Libby said...

Your addition will be wonderful -- and homemade gifts are the BEST *s*

Pam said...

Don't say the "C"* word just yet, I'm not ready!!!

*Christmas!!! LOL

Judy said...

You will love what we refer to as "florida rooms or sunrooms over here in the US. It really makes a huge difference in the house and the space! Can't wait to see it go up!

Can I ask a favor? How do you get such a nice miter on your celtic knot work when turning a sharp corner? Would you mind explaining how you do don't have to show pictures, but do you sort of tuck the difference behind the work itself. I can fold my bias stems at nice angles but never get a great miter like you do. The work is fantasitc by the way...I love your knots!