Monday, November 13, 2006

Zig-zag baby quilt

Well after watching DS play football on Saturday - they won 8-1 against one of the strongest teams in the league, YIPPEE! - I thought I'd better make some progress on the baby quilt for their teacher's new baby son.

I fancied working with blues and naturals as I said before and had a reasonable amount of sandy shades downstairs as I'd been using them on my ostrich row quilt but as I'd had a major 'put-away' session a few weeks ago there weren't many blues downstairs.

As DH was busy outside I didn't think he'd appreciate being dragged back in to play 'fabric-shuffle' with the blue boxes in the loft so I went with what was to hand. I wanted it to look a little scrappy but only had two fabrics in each colour to play with. This is the result. It's okay, not as scrappy as I'd have liked and I think the 2" wide stripes might be a bit on the big side for a baby quilt but it's done now and I'm not changing it. I've always loved rail fence and the zig-zag effect you get.

I only have enough of the starry sand to put a border round so will add a 4" plain one in that all round - a step away from the norm for me as I usually do multiple borders and my gut feeling would have been thin sand, thin navy and then thick sand but I didn't have enough of the fabrics to do that and didn't really want to introduce another into the equation.

I'll then bind it in the duller of the two light blues for the same reason - I feel the navy check would have looked better especially as I always do a bias double binding so would get the checks on the cross but as the fabric came from a charity shop pair of men's pyjamas and I've not got much left that's not an option - shame :o( Need to get it finished for the middle of the week so it'll be another large meander pattern.

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quiltpixie said...

I love the bigger strips for a baby quilt -- feels like the oversized simple toys of a toddler somehow to me :-) the colours are very soothing. It'll look great