Saturday, November 04, 2006

A lovely send-off!

"Somehow in the depths I feel sure that life is continuous through the grave. It is like a stitch of embroidery which appears above the canvas, runs along and is seen, then dips back below out of sight. The thread, the wool is continuous and only appears to disappear. Indeed I had a strong feeling that only humans need starts and finishes, beginnings and endings. In the real spiritual world there are no starts and ends, all space, time and life are boundless and eternal."
Peter Tatton Brown (From Quaker Faith and Practice 22.85)

This was one of the readings at Cicely's celebration service yesterday. A very fitting passage for a lady who spent much of the last third of her life with a needle in her hand. God Bless Her

Looking around other people's blogs I came across a lovely bag on Dawn's blog

I've always wanted to make a bag to take all my bits and pieces to quilting group on Mondays. I've looked at lots of ideas, discarded most of them as I hate following patterns and generally coped with dragging everything along in a supermarket carrier bag - not very stylish!

So when I spotted Dawn's bag I thought aha! this is something I could have a go at and here is the result - a bucket style bag with the oval base size and shape determined by a pyrex casserole dish I just happened to have in the cupboard :o)

Of course being the 'dash in and get on with it without thinking it out first' kinda girl I always am I didn't bother to read Dawn's comments that went with her picture til after I'd started stitching - so I made a little extra work for myself having to sandwich and quilt the fabric afterwards instead of adding strips to the wadding and backing as she had done 'quilt as you go' fashion - mental note to remember that for next time.

The sharpest eyed of you might spot the orphan block leftover from my ostrich second row, and of course I already had all the homespun/folk art type fabrics out for that too so I cobbled this together from them over the past couple of days in and amongst lunch out with friends on Thursday and of course Cicely's service yesterday.

It's very simple - no fancy clever pockets or fastenings like Dawn's but it's ideal for keeping whatever I'm working on at present in an easily identifiable holder to just pick up and grab as I go out of the door to quilting

Might even have a go at something similar for a surprise Christmas present I have to make :o)


Hedgehog said...

Love that bag!!

Fiona said...

I like it! Bet you won't be able to stop making them now.

YankeeQuilter said...

Great bag and a wonderful home for the orphan block!


Libby said...

Looks great -- now that orphan block will feel loved *s*

Doodlebug Gail said...

Love your new bag Anne! Very nice. I love to look at everyone else's bags and I have a collection of patterns which I have yet to use ...... perhaps it's time to make myself a couple.

Judy said...

Looks fabulous!

Angie said...

Love, love, love it!!! And your orphan block is perfect on it! :)

Carol said...

Wonderful bag! Let's all make ourselves a bag and have a bag show 'n tell!

Dawn said...

Wow! It is wonderful! You did a great job at winging! I love the size and shape! It doesn't matter if you didn't quilt as you go - it was worth the extra time!